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For most women, jewelry is the spice of life. A gorgeous necklace can make you feel awesome, and an interesting (faux) rock on your finger can give you instant style pizzazz. There are some bling do’s and dont’s that every self-respecting fashionista should take into consideration, however.

It’s all about style and personality

Jewelry is a very personal thing. Whether you wear a family heirloom, a gift from a treasured friend or that beautiful ring you bought yourself to mark a special occasion, unique jewelry is a reflection of you. If you feel bold and brave, you’ll be more inclined to wear a statement piece to complement your outfit. If you want to remember someone special, you’ll probably wear that gorgeous, meaningful bracelet she bought you on that holiday in Spain.

In certain situations, loading up on the sparklies can be a great way to give an otherwise simple outfit instant appeal. There is such a thing as bling-overload, however, and if you’re wearing a statement necklace, you should go easy on the bangles and rings. Looking stunning in jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rob a bank. There is lots of fantastic, well-priced custom jewelry available. Check jewelry stores online for great jewelry specials. This, for instance, is what I found:

Mr. Kate 50% OFF on Jewelry Black Friday Sale All Weekend

Mr. Kate 50% OFF Black Friday Sale All Weekend..Check out their website here for fantastic jewelry specials


The sky is the limit when it comes to unique necklaces. You can go subtle with a simple strand of pearls or a thin silver chain, or you can go all-out by wearing a statement neck piece such as a wide metal bib, all depending on your mood.


Mixing and matching necklaces of different lengths and styles can look amazing. But don’t go looking like Mr. T from the A-team. There is such as thing as ‘too much’. When wearing a statement necklace, be sure that that’s the only statement you make and lay off all your other sparklies.

Layer your necklaces like this for a look that says: Style Queen. As you can see, it is not over the top, and adds instant pizzazz to any outfit. These gorg gold necklaces are marked down in the Mr. Kate winter sale.Want to see more? Click on the image below…

Petal to the Metal Necklaces. Antiqued Gold.

Petal to the Metal Necklace. Antiqued Gold.


Earrings also come in all shapes and sizes, from humongous chandellier earrings to tiny Stud Earrings and everything in between. Remember that ear-jewelry is very close to your face and you therefore need to take the shape of your face into account before heading out the door all blinged up.


Tiny studs can be worn every day. Especially when you are wearing stacked bracelets and rings, keep your ears understated. Make sure you match the metal color of your studs to the color of the rest of your jewelry, however. When wearing big earrings like statement cuffs or chandelier-type styles, leave your other accessories in your jewelry box.

This stunning, phoenix inspired ear piece will give you instant warrior princess appeal. This ear piece is worn with a post through your pierced ear lobe and connects higher on your ear with an ear cuff. This piece is marked down by as much as 30% in the Mr. Kate winter sale.

Phoenix Feather Earrings. Yellow Gold

Phoenix Feather Earpiece. Yellow Gold


No need to break the bank when you want to make a statement with your fingers. Rocks come in all shapes and sizes and the faux ones you get today can be just as impressive as the real thing. If dainty is more your thing, lots of choices there too.


As is the case with other statement jewelry, statement rings should ideally also not be combined with too much other jewelry. Feeling funky? Opt for lots and lots of thin bands. Statement rings and lots of smallies should ideally not be combined to avoid bling overload.

Talk about show-stoppers! If these rings don’t make a style statement, I don’t know what will! These gold beauts are now marked down in Mr. Kate’s winter sale, so get one, two or three, while you still can!

Feather Cuff Ring. Unisex. Antiqued Gold Jewelry

Feather Cuff Ring. Unisex. Antiqued Gold.


Bracelets are all about adding oomph to your outfit. They come in many styles as well, and they are a great way to accessorize and spice up your look. Whether you prefer charm bracelets, chunky statement cuffs or lots of thin bangles, the possibilities are endless.

How to’s

Stacked bangles always look great, particularly if you use gold ones of different sizes. You can add a watch to the equasion for extra pizzazz. One overstated cuff is all you need to complete a look so leave the rest of your jewels at home when you go big.

Look at these gorgeous gold bangles from Mr. Kate! They can be worn solo or stacked  to the max for instant style appeal. They are part of the Winter Rose and the best part is that they are marked down  by up to 50% in their winter sale. So get yours while stocks last!

Bracelets at Mr.Kate

Bracelets at Mr.Kate


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