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Prom Party Dresses from Milanoo

The excitement is no doubt building up for most young girls by this time. To be the center of attention and the belle of the ball is a long-time dream of most girls and the prom might just be the occasion to actualize that dream. There is however, the very important question of a dress and with so many prom party dresses being thrust in your face, making a decent choice may not be as easy as you may have imagined.

Seriously, there is no being the belle of the ball without a stunning prom homecoming dress, that superb article of clothing that guarantees you head-spinning and admiring glances from the guys and girls (admittedly some envious glances from the lady-folk as well! ). Of course, there are a lot of dresses from which to make a great choice but you have got to know how to go about it and what to look out for.

Prom Party Dresses and Body Shapes

Let’s start with your body type; yes, it does matter in making a choice of a dress. If you have a petite frame, you really ought to avoid large and flowing gowns that hide your slender body. While some girls may want to hide their frame in a gown that billows like a parachute, you should try celebrating yours. Go for a short, cute and truly effeminate dress, or feel free to wear a fitting prom dress that drops just beneath your knee. You can find lots of adorable, short prom party dresses like the white, strapless dress shown below.  Now, that is cute and sweet with a touch of vintage class to it.

strapless prom homecoming dress

If you have a boyish physique, then you are obviously looking to project an image that de-emphasizes the angular frame while providing an illusion of being curvy. To achieve this, you have to select a dress that cinches in around the waist area. This gives the impression that your waist tapers quite well and fills you out just below that region too.

tassel and beading chiffon fitting prom dress

The other way to achieve an impression of having curves in the ‘right’ places is to wear a prom homecoming dress that has two distinct colors; one at the top and another at the bottom of the dress. This color blocking method has the effect of visually breaking up the torso region thus giving the desired impression.  The dress below is a good example of the blocking method.  The striking black sash that divides the pink dress creates the impression of a much slimmer waistline.

pink prom dress with black sash

Ok, an hourglass shape is what a lot girls desire but not everyone has got it. If you do however, you still need to choose a well fitting prom dress. The objective in this instance is to choose a dress that accentuates your delicate curves. So, your ideal dress ought to be fitted all around the top and waist region in order for the regions just below the waist to fill out properly and look as attractive as it ought to be.

fitting prom dress

Prom party dresses that truly fit you and bring out the beauty in you are generally a result of self-honesty about what best suits your body. Being yourself inevitably projects your innate beauty and confidence, thus allowing other people to actually admire you. Want to get heads turning at the Prom? Take a good look at yourself then choose a dress that radiates YOU.


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