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No matter how many hours you invest in your clothes, makeup and accessories, you won’t be able to stand out unless you are wearing some hot heels or sexy platforms that complement your attire, figure and personality as well. If that is what you have on mind, you’ve probably been shopping the wrong way. You need to reeducate yourself and learn how to shop for the right pair of shoes.

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Buy One, Get One Free at Heels.com’s Clearance Sale!

The following factors are what you need to ensure to get the best shoes for any occasion and be able to flaunt them on and off the dance floor.


Quality is one of the first features that you must look for when buying a shoe. Make sure that you inspect the material as well as the stitching closely because this will determine the durability of your footwear.

Fashion Trends

Like your clothes and accessories, fashion trends in shoes are ever changing. You’re bound to see different women in a range of high heeled or peep toe shoes that’ll take your breath away. Unfortunately, only a few brands and a fewer number of reputable companies can cope with these trends.

Hot Heels : Rosy - Fuchsia

Rosy – Fuchsia


Your shoes need to be comfortable at all times regardless of how high their heels are. With 6 inch shoes being widely in fashion, the last thing you need is to start hobbling the next day because your shoes were too tight or too hard. So seek comfort while selecting your pair of shoes, especially if they’re for work or walking around the city.

Hot Heels : Briaa - Ultra Blue Rhinestones

Briaa – Ultra Blue Rhinestones

Proper Fit

You need to be practical while selecting shoes. If you get the wrong size, you may either get embarrassed once you shoe slips off or be physically injured since your tight shoe can cut off the circulation to your legs and squeeze your toes. So don’t settle for smaller or larger pairs just because your own size isn’t available. Even web stores offer proper chart sizes and allow returns in case your shoe doesn’t fit.

Hots Heels : Asteria - Ivory Satin

Asteria – Ivory Satin

The Purpose of Your Shoes

There are many reasons why you head out; you could be on the lookout to have some fun or planning to check out your nearby club to dance the night away. Since these activities are worlds apart, the shoes you’ll need to wear for each will be different. If you’re confident enough and can dance with heels, go for them. If you’re not, stick to gorgeous high heels when you’ll be sitting down.

Hot Heels : Brit Heel - Fuschia Satin

Brit Heel – Fuschia Satin

While selecting the shoes can be easy, spending on them is the hardest thing to do. Certain footwear, such as club shoes and wedding footwear, can be too expensive, which means that you’ll have to break the bank. However, do you really?

If you want to get a pair of stylish club shoes without spending more than you absolutely should, you can use the BOGO code to shop at Heels.com. With this little code, you can save huge amounts since you’ll get to buy two shoes at the price of one. That way, you’ll be happy and your budget will remain intact.


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