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Meet my new hero Mandi Line.  She’s the designer behind all those great styles from our favorite show, Pretty Little Liars.

From abcfamily.com

Her job is to find and design the perfect looks for Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily. How fun is that?

Like many of us, Aria is her favorite fashionista. She calls Aria her “lil’ me.”  She finds pieces and inspiration from a variety of locations like flea markets, thrift stores, Squaresville,  Wasteland, Una Mae, Confederacy, Forever 21, Macys, Bloomies, and Nordies.

One great tip she offered in her interview on ABC Family is to stretch your wardrobe by deconstructing and upcycling it. “Go to  your closet and take out things you may not wear any more…cut apart a waistband of a pant or skirt…make a belt! Take a dress, chop it, and make a cute top. Cut the neck out and make it an off the shoulder shirt!! Take some sleeves of a shirt you may not wear anymore and make cute calf sox and put some heels with it!”

I love doing that! Here are some upcycling projects I’ve taken on:

From T-shirt to Tote Bag

From T-shirt to Empire Tunic

Have you ever taken on an upcycling project?


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