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There are certain items that every working woman should have in her wardrobe. But what’s truly essential, and what’s simply extraneous? Here are six fashion essentials for the career-minded lady.

1: Twill Pants

Comfortable enough for casual settings yet professionally designed for the office, twill pants are a convenient alternative to stiff work trousers or flimsy skirts. You can dress them up or down depending on the day and the company.  Go with solid colors such as black, brown, beige, and white for easy mix and match.  These versatile pants can be paired with plain or printed tops and coats, and will work out hundreds of different looks for you!

Twill Pants

2: Flats

A good pair of heels may turn heads during your next fundraiser, but flats are what will get you through normal days. Long-term heel use has been proven to damage your ankles and arches, so save them for special occasions.  A nice, comfy, pair of flats is every girl’s best friend.  You can have them in all basic colors but bright-colored flats or patterned ones are also great to brighten up a simple outfit!


patterned flats

3: Oxford Shirt

An Oxford shirt will impress during job interviews or look cutely casual at the company’s annual golf retreat. Just make sure you buy a feminine cut that will flatter your curves instead of drowning them.

Oxford Shirt

Women's Oxford Shirt

4: Opaque Tights

Another item easily dressed both up and down, opaque tights can serve as everything from professional pantyhose to a free-spirited, eye-catching accessory. It all depends on the color and design.

Opaque Tights

Opaque Full Tights

5: Overcoat

A heavy wool overcoat will serve multiple functions in wintertime. Not only will it look stylish with any number of outfits, but it will also keep you comfortable, warm and well-protected from the elements during the year’s harshest season.

Women's Overcoat

Wool Coat

6: Little Black Dress

It’s true what they say about LBDs. You really can wear them with anything, and they really do suit almost any occasion. That’s why it is one of the most important fashion essentials.   Every fashionable lady should have at least one black dress in her closet.  And the good news is that these little black dresses come in a wide variety of styles and lengths, and made with different kinds of fabric.   The “little” black dress doesn’t necessarily need to be too short – it can be just a little above the knee or up to mid thigh.  If you’re buying your first piece, choose  a style that you’re comfortable with and most flattering for your figure.

Calvin Klein black dress

Long Sleeves Little Black Dress

Peplum Little Black Dress

These are just six fashion essentials when it comes to women’s clothing . Once you buy the basics, you’ll be better equipped to experiment with new styles and accessories to customize your working wardrobe and make it your own.


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