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With the holidays coming this month (yes, it’s already December!), you boyfriends out there should be starting to think about what to get your girlfriends. Let me help you out by telling you what NOT to get them.

1. CDs or DVDs

From amazon.com

From amazon.com

This screams “I just ran into a store on the way here and picked up something last minute.”  Unless there is something really special about the artist or movie, choose a gift that requires a bit more thought.

2. Lingerie

From victoriassecret.com

From victoriassecret.com

Yes, we may like it, but we don’t want it for Christmas. Let’s be honest…it’s really more of a gift for you.  And if you’re giving it in front of her family, it’s definitely not appropriate.

3. Flowers

From 1800flowers.com

From 1800flowers.com

Talk about cliche! You’re going to have to try a little harder than that.  I should throw in chocolate and stuffed animals as a no no too.

4. A Ring

From shopruche.com

From shopruche.com

Unless you’re proposing, never give a girlfriend a ring. She may like it, but the only ring she really wants from a guy is an engagement ring.

5. Gift Certificates*

From nordstrom.com

From nordstrom.com

Do you not know her at all?! Because that’s exactly what she’s going to think.  Sure, it can be scary to pick out a gift all by yourself, but it’s better to try and fail than not try at all! Even if you pick out a top that she doesn’t like, she’ll appreciate the effort. Besides, she can just exchange it. (* But gift certificates for services are ok – like a massage, facial, etc.)

When deciding what you should get her, choose something that shows you put some thought into it. Your gift doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just thoughtful. Some ideas include concert tickets, a cute necklace, a framed picture of the two of you, or a mani/pedi.

Girls, any other tips or ideas for the boyfriends reading this post? Boys, any questions?


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  1. I was going to tell you what my college boyfriend got me for my birthday once but now I’m inspired to write a whole post about it!
    .-= – WendyB´s last post…Vote, Damn You! =-.

  2. Wendy, you can’t leave us hanging like this! At least give a little hint!
    .-= – Queen Bee´s last post…5 Things Not to Get Your Girlfriend =-.

  3. Definitely no clearance clothes that still have the price on them!!A boyfriend gave me a top(in orange,my least fave color)that had a tag that said $9.99!

  4. Haha….yeah, it’s not in good taste to leave the tag on. But if it’s cute, I don’t think I’d care if it came off the clearance rack.

  5. Hi 😀

    Great post!! Girls, let’s print it out everyone and leave it very subtle somewhere he can find it^^
    Love this!

    .-= – Lilly´s last post…My very first Christmas Cookies =-.

  6. this entry is so much fun to read! i am 90% agree. lingerie is a big no to be given as an xmas present 😉
    .-= – Vinda´s last post…aiden from blood and chocolate. =-.

  7. Oops! Sorry for the belated reply. A stuffed pink pig toy that oinked when you flipped a switch and a pair of mink earmuffs.
    .-= – WendyB´s last post…Most Awesome Designing Women OF ALL TIME =-.

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