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Win this adorable wristlet by Vera Bradley!


The perfect size for your purse, backpack, or a night on the town.


To enter, just tell me what you love most about wristlets.   Up to three extra entries if you fan Prom Mafia on facebook, follow Prom Mafia on twitter, or tweet the contest on Twitter! Contest ends on Sunday, November 20th.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to the winner, Lindsay!


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  1. These are adorable. There are times when you dont want to carry a large purse around with you, but still need to carry the basics… thisis perfect! Thanks

  2. They aren’t HUGE HULKING purses that make me feel guilty about not using up all of the space they provide! I can fit all my necessities into them & they’re cute!

  3. love they are tiny and don’t have to carry a huge bag

  4. I love wristlets because they are like clutches with a wrist strap. I tend to have a bit too much “fun” when I go out on occasion and tend to forget that my hand is supposed to hold onto the purse so it does not fall to the floor. That handy dandy little wrist strap does wonders for keeping my stuff safe. Plus they are small, unlike shoulder bags so you can dance while still holding onto them!

  5. These are perfect for going out at night! When i am going into town and i want to bring as little as possible but still the necessities. They fit a cell, lip gloss, ID and money! 🙂

  6. following on twitter @IHeartCupcakes5 🙂

  7. fan on fbook

    Amanda.Hellen 🙂

  8. I love wristlets because I’m forced to put ONLY what I NEED, leaving me less to lose haha Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I’m a fan of Prom Mafia on Facebook (Merri)!

  10. I’m following on Twitter (Merri617)!

  11. I love wristlets because I always have my whole life stuffed in my large purse, and it can get very irritating for a night on the town. I usually end of knocking people over in bars because there’s just not enough room for me and my large purse to get by… and I hate carrying that thing on my shoulder all night.

  12. Lindsey Safford

    I love the wristlet because it’s so light weight and my iphone fits nicely in them. ♥

  13. When you need hands free for carrying other items and still know where your valuables are.

  14. The perfect purse. I love it!!

  15. I love wristlets because they are so small but big enough for the essentials – money, credit card, ID, lipgloss and cell phone!

  16. They aren’t bulky and easy to hide in pictures!

  17. The purses are lovely.

  18. I love love love love wristlets especially from Vera Bradley because they are SO SO adorable so small and hold exactly what you need! You dont have to carry around a purse to be effiecient. Love it.

  19. I follow on twitter
    username: lissaxolove

  20. Wrislets are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit when you don’t need to carry very much with you.

  21. They are very convenient when you want to go for a walk/run. Good for $,I.D.,gum,and keys.

  22. I love that you can easily tuck them under your arm or let them hang on your wrist and not worry about keeping a hand free.

  23. i love the fabric, beautiful :0)

  24. I love wristlets, especially when I just need to run some errands or on vacation. Better than lugging a big handbag!

  25. I love how wristlets are so ‘now’. [email protected]

  26. I have to carry a huge diaper bag for my twins. I love wristlets because they allow me easy access to *my* stuff, without having to dig through all the baby stuff!

  27. love vera bradley you can dress them up or down

  28. I love wristlets because you can dance while carrying one, unlike a big purse that keeps hitting you and everyone else on the dance floor! Yay wristlets!

  29. I love wristlets because you have the freedom to move, and you can still have your essentials with you, ID, cash, lip gloss. Great for going out dancing!

  30. I love wristlets because you can carry the essentials, and it’s easy to keep it close to you so you don’t end up losing anything! Thanks for the contest!

  31. I love that it looks similar to a clutch but I don’t have to hold it the whole time, I can just let it dangle on my wrist!

  32. love ’em!
    i can feel like a girl + carry something cute,
    but i’m not obnoxiously toting around a bottomless pit of an oversized bag;
    i can go dancing with one,
    and swing it around,
    and still make it home with all my essentials;
    cheers to that.

  33. They fit just enough and are so easy to carry.

  34. the size, just right for quick trips where you don’t need to carry much

  35. Leaves my hands free to hug, shake hands, get drinks etc.

  36. I love wristlets because of their compact size, and also because they are complimentary to almost any outfit. Especially VB! Not many things in life are both practical and stylish! <3

  37. I love the fact that wristlets are so easy and carefree to carry.
    a debit card and some identification and I am out the door.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  38. I have become a fan on Facebook.

  39. I am following your blog on Twitter as jlsc123.

  40. I love this wristlet. There are times where I don’t need to bring my whole purse with me but I don’t want to just carry my wallet. Great invention.

  41. What I love most about wristlets is their light weight. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I became a fan on Facebook (Sunny View)!

  43. I followed you on twitter (sunnyview99)!

  44. I like the size, great for those times I don’t wanna take my purse.

  45. These are adorable

  46. I lose my purse and my wallet all the time because I lay them down wherever I go. A wristlet like this stays connected at all times! And it’s not bulky at all. I don’t bring much stuff with me places so this is perfect(:

  47. I love wristlets. They are perfect to take to class when you don’t need the weight of a whole purse. Unfortunately I only have one, and it’s pretty worn out.

  48. They are great if your just running out on a quick errand like to the store

  49. I love that they hold everything you need for a quick trip to the store or to pick up the kids.

  50. I love the size and easy portability – there are times that I just want to rush off to the grocery store with a few cards, cash, and my cell phone and I like to have it in one place. I love wristlets for this reason, and that I can easily snap my keys on the wristlet! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. I love them because I’m a college student and they are easy to carry around! I have to carry my student id everywhere and they allow me to with ease! It also has room for some money.

  52. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  53. I’m following on Twitter (89linz)!

  54. I love how they are so multi-functional and easy to carry around. Thanks for the contest!

  55. I love wristlets because they let my hands free and are super cute too ^^
    Thanks a lot!

  56. Facebook fan (Lilly Papers)

  57. I love that I can slip some money and a credit card in them and and not have to worry about hauling around a big purse, especially at outside events

  58. I love it because it’s adorablee! (=

    I’m a facebook fan and a twitter follower.

    & I LOVE your website, keep it up girly!

  59. I love wristlets because I can only carry what I really need insead of a heavy purse.

  60. they’re cute, easy and compact

  61. I only have two hands and they always seem to be carrying so many things, carrying essentials on my wrist is awesome because it leaves my hands free to carry other things: books and groceries and cute little puppies. 🙂

  62. hands free

  63. I love that when I carry a wristlet, I never feel over done or too prissy for the event. Obviously as a girl I need to have something with me at all times, but sometimes, like a baseball game, a big purse is just out of place. I also LOVE how a wristlet saves my back from my gianormous purse!

  64. Love the size!

  65. I LOVE how small they are! They fit anywhere!!

  66. I love that they are small.

  67. Honestly if its not on my wrist i will lose it, so wristlets are the perfect thing for me because it never gets away!

  68. they hold everything you need for a quick trip

  69. I think wristlets look sweet and dainty. So they’re perfect when you don’t need to cart around a ton of stuff, but still need the essentials. Thanks!

  70. I love wristlets because they are perfect for nights out! A little cash, keys, and lip gloss and you are set!

  71. I follow you on twitter -JCausby.

  72. I love that you don’t have to worry about the bulk of a big purse!

  73. I follow on twitter (tornxnxfrayed)

  74. I love that they are small.

  75. They are perfect for festivals & concerts when I only need my cash, ID and camera.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I love wristlets because they have just enough room for the essentials!

  77. Extremely portable with the essentials literally at your fingertips.

  78. I love wristlets because they don’t weigh down my shoulder like a purse.

  79. They are easy to carry around and they are classic essentials to any wardrobe! Thanks for the contest!

  80. They are just so dainty!

  81. I do not carry a purse and this is big enough for me to carry the essentials (keys; credit card; driver’s license; coupons; money (never really have the green though). Thank you

  82. I became a fan (hope that counts). THanks

  83. I like the size of these as I dont carry much for in a purse anyways.

  84. What I love most about wristlets is their efficiency (that they free up your hands) and secondly that they’re very CUTE!

  85. I love that they’re so easy to carry and so hard to lose! They hold everything I need in one little package and my hands are still free!

  86. A HUGE LUG!

    They’re perfect because they do not make your arm or shoul,der tired like a huge purse. They’re great to run a quick errand or go out for the night. They fit some cosmetics, money, credit cards, etc. but it’s all in a nice package. So for this, great things can come in smaller packages!

  87. Laura Robertson

    I love the way they are both something functional and look like an accessory as well. No having to carry purses which can get stolen or fall of your shoulder every few minutes.

  88. Kristi Fenrich

    Ohh, I like them!!

  89. I use wristlets when I go to a party. I have everything I need, which is not too much at a party. Don ‘t need to worry about where to put my purse or even better, where I put my purse.

  90. I love that I don’t have to constantly be thinking about where my purse is. It just slides onto my wrist, stays put, and I can dance the night away without some clunky purse sitting on my shoulder!

  91. I follow on twitter!
    username: wordsmoveme

  92. I like the wristlet because it’s easy for me to put a few dollars in it for my granddaughter. Thanks! 🙂

  93. I have to put my purse in a small drawer at work. So a wristlet is the perfect size for my necesities.


  95. i love that they are so colorful and pretty

  96. fan on facebook kathylpease

  97. following on twitter klp1965

  98. Sharon Seneker

    Wristlets are easy and safer to carry in stores and won’t get left behind as likely as a purse or pocketbook! Thanks! [email protected]

  99. actually, i have never owned a wristlet…
    but, now that i have a baby, i think i need one!
    i could just throw it in the diaper bag and then not worry about a purse!
    sunshine3237 at gmail.com

  100. I love them because they’re small, not cumbersome, and don’t hurt my back!

  101. I follow on twitter (blueviolet)

  102. I love wristlets because they ae just so darn cute!

  103. I love how convenient wristlets are!

  104. I became your Facebook fan.

  105. My favorite thing about wristlets is that you can keep it on the shelf with your keys for a quick run to the storeto get milk, or to get gas by keeping a few dollars and/or your gas credit card in them so you’re not tempted to bring your entire purse with the wallet with your regular credit card and/or checkbook which promotes big spending!

  106. i love wristlets because they are a perfect size for a night on the town…not too bulky but just enough space for the essentials.

  107. you dont have to throw your back out toting your purse around

  108. It doesn’t get in the way on the dance floor!

  109. Rhonda Struthers

    They are perfect. Not bulky. I won’t end up having to put everybody elses something in my purse

  110. I love them because they are small, and I don’t have to worry about losing them, I just keep them on my wrist. Thank you for having this giveaway.
    litefoot873 (@) hotmail.com

  111. I follow you on twitter as litefoot873.
    litefoot873 (@) hotmail.com

  112. I tweeted-http://twitter.com/litefoot873/status/3215208687
    litefoot873 (@) hotmail.com

  113. Small, cute, easy to carry, no bulky purse needed.

  114. I like that they don’t leave purse strap marks on my shoulders.

  115. They’re perfect when you just need to carry and id and a little cash

  116. I love them because they are cute and small. Carry just what you need and none of the extras

  117. Wristlets are great when shopping. You can put the essentials in them and keep them close to your body.

  118. I haven’t had a wristlet before but look like it would come in handy.

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