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It’s a question of varying details really, but it’s all out there. The perfect wardrobe is one in which a girl does not have to look in at the last minute and think “Aaargh, I have nothing to wear”. Now a lot of you will probably think “IMPOSSIBLE” and it definitely is not cakewalk getting the wardrobe of your dreams. But in every dress combo you’ve tried there is one aspect that sticks out for you, well based on that knowledge, and some instincts which I think you ladies will reward.

The items are not the hipster’s golden dreams nor are they the chic maniac’s frenzy, they’re something you girls love to wear in most occasions to do nothing more than just be presentable and classy and if you have a wardrobe that can do that for you a full week then ladies you have concocted your dream wardrobe.

The Black Dress

little black dresses
This one is a no brainer really. It’s multi-ocassioned and its multi-themed. So really you’re not worried whether you wear it to class or you wear it work because it looks trendy and classy all at the same time. It goes well with the blazer and can look just as eye catching in a trenchcoat. Basically you won’t have too many diverse pieces of apparel in your wardrobe but this black piece of fabric is sure to be any girl’s best friend.

The Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt
Another obvious pick for your wardrobe. Why? Because you are probably going to be needing these for all the interviews you get called to or all the working days you have lined up on your calendar before the kicking loose weekend comes along. And just because it is a working day gives you no right to not look presentable. Really, that’s why you’re reading this aren’t you?


skinny denim jeans
So basically you will have all the varieties of tops in the world and that can be a brilliant thing, but you’re not going to be able think yourself worthy of being a mirror’s pride unless the proper denim goes with it. Thankfully, skinny jeans go well with almost any top you can think of. Of course the fit can vary depending on what you find to be the most comforting and the best looking for you. Here’s the thing though, try not to shy away from spending on your jeans. And you’ll be just fine.


V-neck top

So when you ladies think of the perfect top hunt, you’re all probably wondering how to find the perfect t-shirt that can be comforting and eye-catching all at the same time. The v neck is the classic answer to those hunts because they do not look like the typical athletic team getup and they are quite chic to the eyes if you pull off the correct denim combination with them. Heels work fine with them too if you’re heading a for hangout.


casual blazer for women
This is one of those items which can polish up the look along with any top you have and is fit for almost any occasion unless it is too warm out. I was thinking of including the trench coat as an item too but a blazer can achieve the effect in a far more chic manner. Plus you want to bring the extra pop out with your look right? This is where the term Blazing Beauty gets coined.


women's heels
Now what woman does not have these and what woman should not have these? With these, you are on top, with these you feel like you just cannot stop. Okay so the rhyme is a little bit more cheesy than it should be but that’s how important these things are. Spend some money. Have about two to three pairs shining each week and you’re set for each week of looking fabulous.

There can be more added to this list of course and ideally you ladies would want to build a variety of each of these items. But trust this, that these items are not going to be going out of style too soon and will be in production for most designers for considerable time to come. The advice is simple: save up your cash and spend sparingly on these things. Your dream wardrobe is a lot easier than you might have originally thought.

Author Bio:
Christine Rudolph is a passionate blogger, currently working for Sophie & Trey an online shopping store for women. Offering unique and top quality women accessories including handbags, jewelry, dresses, shoes and many more. Find us on Facebook and stay updated with our seasonal deals.


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