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Choies Essential Items : Wardrobe essentials

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, the most common things that come to your mind are a pair of jeans, some plaint-shirts and a few formal clothing items. However, when it is time to dress up, you will soon find yourself wishing if you had this or that in your wardrobe. There are several small items that should be an essential part of your wardrobe. In case you do not know what those are, here is a list of five such items that may not look very obvious but are definitely needed to complete your wardrobe.

Vibrant Printed Scarf

A nice scarf can be the perfect accessory to go with your ensemble, especially if you are not too fond of necklaces. You can tie it up around your neck loosely in a soft loop and it would perk up your dress for the day almost instantly. Let the ends hang loosely at the front to add a more laidback look to your overall appearance.

The key to getting good scarves is to go for light and soft fabrics like cashmere, silk and polyester so that they do not bundle up prominently. Also go for some bold and vibrant prints as they would complement your otherwise simple dress very beautifully. Here are some scarves you can check out to add a dash of color to your clothing.

floral and leopard print scarfsilk scarf with floral printsunflower print scarf a must have wardrobe essentialssilk scarf

Pointed-Toe Flats

No matter how much you like high heel or sneakers, having a pair or two of pointed-toe flats is definitely a good way to go. Going for the pointed-toe ones is better because they are always in fashion and also because they protect your feet against dust and weather. Try to go for some with bold prints or studs attached to get a wonderful, funky and cool look. These  flats can be chic, stylish and comfortable all at the same time. You can try out these flats for the perfect look:

girls face pattern flat shoesPointed Satin Embellished Flat Shoestoecap pointed ballet flats a part of your wardrobe essentialspointed flats with metallic skull

Blazer Jacket

When trying to opt for a slightly more formal look that still makes you look stylish, consider having a long blazer jacket. It will give you a perfectly polished and suave look in both formal and casual settings. You can pair it up with dresses, jeans or formal trousers and be sure that you would look wonderful every way. However, when it comes to blazers, it is better to stick to solid and neutral shades so that they can complement the variety of dresses in your wardrobe. Here are some items you can try:

Slim Blazer with Belt in White    White Stripe BlazerSlim Blazer with Belt in Black    Vintage Gray Grid Blazer

Long Statement Necklace

Even if you are not too big on jewelry, having a solid signature necklace is important. These necklaces can look good with practically everything you wear, completing your cool and funky look perfectly. However, you should avoid going for something over-the-top like a too shiny necklace. Instead, opt for something made out of darkened or dull metal with a dash of colors that are not completely wild. Try to go for some longer ones since they are the latest fashion accessories at this time. Here are some cool pieces to try out:

Diamante Embellishment Bow Necklacecross pendant necklaceDiamante Cube Necklace : beautiful wardrobe essentialsDiamante Ball Necklace In Silver

Colorful Cardigan

If you are wondering why you need a cardigan when you already have jackets and coats, it is simply because they look really stylish. Moreover, they can make you look anything between highly practical or absolutely cute depending on what you have picked. For the former look, you can get a cardigan that is plain and solid in colors; but for the latter, you can always go for cute stripes and different colors. Here are wonderful cardigans you can get:

Cardigan With Rainbow PrintPink Stripe Loose CardiganPaisley Print Chiffon Cardigan   Mohair Diamond Longline Cardigan In Green





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