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One of the best things about being a woman is the nearly limitless number of accessories to choose from. Unfortunately, this benefit can also serve to the detriment of anyone who is trying to find the perfect accessory gift for their friend, daughter, niece, wife, or girlfriend. If you’re about to head off to an accessory boutique, bring a bit of accessory knowledge with you as a shopping assistant.

the right accessory for women

Proper Preparation

Before you head off to the boutique, make sure that you have the correct sizes for belts, gloves, and jackets. Ask a family member or friend who knows for a fact what the woman’s size is, or take a peek in her closet at the clothes that you’ve seen her wear recently. While you’re in her closet, take note of which colors and styles she seems to favor more than others. You don’t necessarily have to get the exact same colors, but you’ll most definitely want to get shades that will match and complement the rest of her wardrobe. You may also want to think about getting her something that she can wear to the office and for casual outings.

 Floral Bowknot Belt One Shoulder Cotton Womens Jumpsuit

Winter Wear

If you’re shopping for winter wear, wraps, shawls, and scarves are a one-size-fits-all accessory that any woman can wear. Once you’ve found the perfect color, focus on the perfect cut, pattern, and material. It’s a good idea to find out if there are any materials that she is allergic to or doesn’t particularly care for.

 Cashmere and Silk Pashmina Shawl

When shopping for gloves, your material options will include wool, leather, knit, and woven gloves. Again, think of something that will look equally good at the office as it does for a night of drinks out on the town. See what other winter accessories she has in her closet and try to match them with her gloves or scarf.

Something else to keep in mind with winter accessories is that you might want to get the lady in question something made with special technology that will keep her nice and warm, quickly get rid of sweat, or something that dries quickly after being soaked through with snow.

 Tradition®/MD Polar Startech Winter Coat

Organization is Key

If you’re shopping for a woman who always seems to be digging through her purse, consider an accessory that can help her get better organized, like a coin purse or a wallet. Try to think of something that she can get the most use out of and will truly appreciate. Remember that you’re shopping for someone else and that you should get what they would like rather than what you like.

 Burberry purse

If there is a woman in your life who loves to have pictures of her family, friends, or pets, consider giving her a small digital key chain so that she’ll always have easy access to her favorite images.

Digital Photo Key Chain


School Days

Women who either go to school or simply don’t like purses may like receiving a messenger bag as a gift. Not all women would consider themselves to be “girly,” which means that that rhinestone-encrusted purse you’re thinking of giving her might spend more time in the back of her closet than on her arm or in her hand.

Fashion Solid PU Durable Womens Clutch Bag

 With a single well-chosen accessory, a woman can have something to wear every day of the week for every occasion.





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