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Prom promises to be a magical night where every girl has the chance to dress like a princess. Although the dress may be your focus, the accessories are what complete the outfit. But, accessorizing your prom dress can sometimes lead to a gorgeous dress with mis-matched accessories or pieces that will be out-of-style way too soon. So, I’ve put together a few tips for all the girls out there that are getting ready for prom season.

Start with the Dress

You have to buy the dress before looking for jewelry to ensure that you choose colors, gemstones, and metals that match. If the dress has any sequence, gemstones, beading, or embroidery, then you should look for jewelry with a similar design but select subtle pieces. However, if you have a simple but elegant dress, then you can select bolder accessories. Another important decision is whether to choose silver or gold. Gold typically goes well with earth tones and jewel colors, while silver is the perfect complement to pastels.

Think About Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle also influences your jewelry selection. If you are unsure of the exact style, you should at least know whether you plan to have an up-do or leave your hair down. According to Gorgeautiful, large, chandelier earrings work well when you wear your hair down, while simple earrings are best for complementing an elegant up-do.

Choose One Dominant Piece

Although you may be tempted to select several bold and beautiful accessories for prom, it is best to select simply one dominant piece. Then, select other pieces that complement the piece, while not overwhelming your look. Your dress and hairstyle will influence which piece should be the most prominent. If you have a plunging neckline and a simple bodice in your dress, then you can choose a large necklace. If your dress has a lot of beadwork in the bodice, then you’ll want a simpler necklace, but you can still have a statement ring or bracelet.

butterfly thread earrings from chanluu.com

Statement Earrings from ChanLuu.com

If you plan to have your earrings be the dominant piece of your outfit, then you might want to match them with an up-do. You may also want to really feel like a princess and wear a tiara or jeweled hairpiece. In this case, you want to select a simple necklace and earrings and avoid any chunky metal or oversized charms.

Remember that Comfort is Important

When shopping for the perfect prom jewelry, always keep your comfort in mind. Although prom is the perfect time to stun your peers with an amazing look, the night lasts for several hours. Therefore, you want to select pieces that will not become too heavy, begin to hurt, cause a headache, or otherwise take away from your fun. Do you have any tips when accessorizing for prom?

You might also want to check this video to give you more insight on how to pick the perfect prom jewelry for your most awaited-night! Cheers!


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