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If you are looking for a gift to give to someone special, consider items from companies like Laguna Pearl’s Necklaces. Pearl necklaces are a perfect gift for a birthday gift or to celebrate an anniversary. These necklaces often come in white, but you can find them in other colors like green and black. When getting a pearl necklace, you are getting something that is not only beautiful but regal.  Pearls on a string are a symbol of elegance. Although some may be expensive, you can find necklaces that are inexpensive if you take the time to look.

pearls on a string necklace

A pearl necklace can make any outfit go from dull and lifeless to having class and sophistication. Wear the necklace with an evening gown or a sweater. They are often worn with holiday outfits, but you can also pair them with a summer dress or a fall suit. Many pearl necklaces that are sold are made from pearls that come from the South Sea. There are those that come from Japan, Tahiti and freshwater areas. As pearls come from different areas, so do their designs. Each kind of pearl has its own color as well.

Zooey Deschanel wearing pearls on a string necklace

When looking at pearls on necklaces, pay attention to the grade. Pearls from Japan are usually white or black. There are five categories for the quality of the pearls. Handmade pearls are 99% perfect. These are brilliant in design and color. They are often the most expensive. These also have a thick nacre and superior luster. When looking at the shape of these pearls, you will notice that they are perfectly round. They are brilliant as a necklace, and you will often see one or two on a necklace instead of a necklace being made entirely of these pearls.

black pearls on a string necklace

Other types are 90-95% perfect. Pearls that are only at 50-70% are not as clean, and they are not perfectly round. However, these imperfections can create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Freshwater pearls are usually less expensive because they are more abundant. Those that are larger in size are worth more money, and they often have a better shape than those that you would find in freshwater.


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