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A fashion diva can never get enough of shoes. They are a less expensive best friend, than diamonds to every woman. Do you go totally awestruck every time you come across a fashionable pair of shoes and just want to see them perfectly piled up in your shoe closet? Well, these are signs that you are a true fashion diva who loves her shoes as much as you love yourself.

Every shoe loving lady should get as many shoes as she likes but there are a few pair of shoe essentials that she needs in her shoe closet. These classic, must have shoes can save you on all those, “what shoes should I wear today,” moments and will never disappoint you. These basic, timeless shoe essentials are there to stay in your shoe wardrobe and will never be out of style. Here’s a list of must have shoes that will save you a lot time and will be a classic addition to your shoe collection.



1. Black Pumps:

Dolce And Gabbana Black Snakeskin Pumps

Dolce And Gabbana Black Snakeskin Pumps : Available at Milanoo

The basic black heels are worth your investment and will be your favorite pair of shoes, as they save you every time you want to look sophisticated yet stylish. The basic black pumps can be worn with almost any look. With a pair of perfect black pumps you don’t really have to worry about what to wear with your evening dresses or what to wear to work. Once you have them your shoe nightmares, disasters or emergencies are gone forever.

2. Nude Pumps:

Mistyk Nude by Steve Madden

Mistyk Nude by Steve Madden : Available at Heels.com

Like your basic black pumps, your nude pumps will be your one of your favorite pair of shoes. They can fix you up for any day, night or evening look without looking too fancy. The pairing options you get with your nude pumps are endless. The addition of nude pumps to your shoe collection will be something you’d love to see.

3. Fancy lady-like Shoes:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon High Heels

High Heels by Vivienne Westwood : Available at 6pm.com

There are a few shoes that gives you a nice feeling when you’re wearing them or when you just look at them. An addition of some fancy feminine shoes in your shoe closet, will give you that nice feeling. You can dress up perfect with these shoes to a wedding or a party if your dress is not that perfect.

4. Strap Heels:

Armani Jeans Strappy Platform Heels High Heels

Armani Jeans Strappy Platform Heels High Heels  : Available at 6pm.com

Do you need something to make your feet look long and pretty without going too fancy or may be a little fancy? A single ankle strap heels are just the perfect heels to give you all this. Get the ankle strap heels in some basic colors to have what every girl must have in her shoe collection.



1. Long Boots:

Kenneth Cole Boots

Kenneth Cole Boots : Available at Lord and Taylor

Those high and warm boots may be a fall or winter essential but once you’ve got these you don’t have to worry about fall ever. Get the most perfect pair of tall boots in some basic colors and they can be your all-you-need-for-fall shoes.

2. All weather Oxfords:

Black Velvet Sexy Oxfords

Black Velvet Sexy Oxfords  : Available at Newegg.com

The perfect combination of style, elegance and chic, oxfords will be a fashionable addition to your shoe essential collection. These may work as all-weather boots for a perfect street style look.



1. Ballet Flats:

Gap Perforated Ballet Flats

Perforated Ballet Flats : Available at Gap

Some basic black ballet flats or some colorful ballet flats are something you need when you are too tired to wear heels or when you want to go casual chic. Sequined or fancy ballet flats are something you can wear on a formal dress. Flats are a fashionable excuse to get out of heels if your pretty feet have been wearing a lot of heels lately.

2. Flat Sandals:

Cole Haan Kimry Flat Sandals

Cole Haan Kimry Flat Sandals : Available at 6pm.com

Flats are a great way to go out and about with almost any casual look. If you’re going shoe shopping, you should always look out for a pair of nice peep toe, strap or just trendy floral flats. Flats are your ultimate shoe essentials for all your casual, semi-casual or sometimes formal looks.



Leather Sneakers by Lanvin Leather Sneakers by Lanvin : Available at LuisaViaRoma.com

You need to run some errands, just go on a walk or run or fetch some coffee, you can sneak into your favorite pair of sneakers. Sneakers are always in fashion when you need to give your feet some comfort yet staying chic. A sneaker addition to your shoe collection is always worth an investment.

Getting these basic shoe essentials in your closet can save you every time. There is nothing better than having your shoe closet stocked up with the basics and all your trendy shoes. Because we all know, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.”

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