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I found this old foyer light/chandelier thing at a garage sale last weekend for $3 and decided to shabby chic it. (I didn’t think to write this post until after I took out the wiring and the three bulbs, so here it is all dismantled.)


It is full of details that will look great when it’s all antiqued.


The first step is to clean it with a damp cloth. Then spray the heck out of it with primer. Be sure to use BONDING primer that can be used on shiny surfaces. You will need to spray on multiple coats until your piece loses that gray shadowy hue.


Next mix a clear glazing medium with a smidge of cheapie dark brown acrylic paint. Both of these can be found at a craft store.


Liberally cover a small area with the mixture, making sure you get in all the crevices.


Gently wipe the mixture off. Don’t worry about wiping it off evenly because imperfections will give it a more authentic antiquiness.


Repeat this until you have covered the whole thing. Then spray with a glossy sealant. Once it is dry, you are ready to add your crystals. I found these for $4 a piece at a local lighting and chandelier store. They were originally $6 a piece, but I got them on sale because they were leftovers. I didn’t want them to match anyway, so it all worked out.


I used clear jewelry wire to secure the crystals.


And voila! For $15, I have a shabby chic one of a kind piece!



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