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Be solid gold and fill the room with love and light, gold is a fantastic color choice for  prom dresses because it lends itself to beautifully enhance your inner glow!

Gold is a fierce color that compliments almost any skin tone. From fair haired ladies to the raven haired misses, gold is a color that highlights the glossy tones of your hair and eyes. Gold prom dress may be an easy color choice for the girl who just has too many favorite fashion colors to choose from.

When you go to your prom night, don’t sit on the side lines when you can glow like a real star in a gold prom dress. Gold captures the light around it and reflects it to the space all around it. If you want to be a ray of sunshine, look for a gold dress with plenty of sequins and rhinestones that enhance the reflective qualities of gold.

In a gold prom dress you will appear like a mirage in the desert and who knows if you glow enough you might become the center attention. Golden layers and layers of golden ruffles coupled with plenty of sequins will make you a real head turner in a dramatic ball gown in gold. Ball gowns are the ultimate in excess and will give you the look of pure elegance when you are out this prom night. People may even be inspired to curtsey when they see you for they feel by your glowing presence they must be in the company of royalty.  Your golden frock will glistens and sways through the room as your mingle and dance the night away. Even if you aren’t crowned prom queen a gold ball gown will make you feel as though you had been.

gold strap ball gown: Gold Prom Dress

gold strap ball gown

People might just start calling you a disco queen if you vamp up your prom look with a above the knee sequined prom dress. Short prom dresses are really great for showing off a nice pair of legs and some above average dance moves. You will be able to bust a groove to your favorite Justin Timberlake song, when you don’t have to worry about tripping on your skirt. Don’t be surprised if once the night is through you get a formal invitation to the dance team no audition required.

Short Gold Prom Dress

Short Gold Party Dress

If elegance is more your style on prom night a gold silky dress with a simple design can work for you too! Try a gold dress in a slip design that will skim your curves giving you a goddess like vibe. Everyone will love you look and might even imagine you to be more powerful than usual. Use you influence of the golden goddess to get your classmates to give you the reins of class president.

Badgley Mischka: Gold Prom Dress

Badgley Mischka

Star light, star bright you will be shinning like a star tonight in luscious shimmering gold prom dress. Just let the color speak for itself and all eyes will be dazzled by the endless sea of sequins and rhinestones. You might start to feel like you are coming down the red carpet, when every light that hits you gown, making you appear brighter than any of the other girls in the room. Wear a gold prom dresses to illuminate the room and capture reflecting the lights from its shiny surface.

golden tulle sweetheart: Gold Prom Dress

Golden tulle sweetheart with sequins floor length prom dress

Ok so now that you have seen all the great choices in gold prom dresses make sure you complete the look! Gold prom dresses aren’t for the meek and so your accessories and hair choices shouldn’t be either. Finish your golden look with high heel metallic shoes, you favorite jewel tone purse and dazzling statement earrings. Wear makeup that is impactful as well with a bold Cleopatra eye and ruby red lips. Wear your hair in a sassy side sweep or romantic up do with cascading curls. Paint your nails with the hottest neon colors for a more fashion forward look or go with a red shade for more classic look. Any way you accessorize your gold prom dress, do it without reservation to add impact to the gold prom dress of your dreams. Make your prom night a golden memory with a gold prom dress that is both versatile and stunning.


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