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I had a little problem yesterday.  I was bored, but didn’t have any money to go anywhere, so I had to make my own fun.  I remembered a cute shirt dress I included in an earlier post and decided to test my creative skills and make my own. Turns out it’s a piece of cake and not to mention free!

From kookai.com

From kookai.com

I know this trend isn’t for everyone, but I’m totally in love with it.

From posh24.com

From posh24.com

First step is to raid your dad, brother, or boyfriend’s closet for an old shirt they don’t want anymore. I got this one from my guy’s closet.


There was a hole in the sleeve so he didn’t want it anymore.


Once you have your shirt, cut the cuffs off the sleeves.


Next roll up the sleeves and sew them in place with a needle and thread. Be sure to measure the length of the sleeve and the fold to make sure both sleeves are symmetrical.


Now you need to bring the sides in a few inches to make it more feminine. Start by pinning where you plan to sew.


Then sew the sides of the shirt and cut off the excess fabric.


Lastly, straighten out the bottoms if you want. I thought they were too curvy.


Now you’re ready to put your outfit together! You can wear it like Vanessa, or with a belt like me. (Either way, wear shorts underneath.)


Or you can wear it with jeans.


What’s your opinion? Do you think you will try to make this?


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