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Dressing Parlor Demi Bra

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Calling all girls! Just because you’re in your teenage years doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t place importance on your girls by having the perfect bra. Yes, I’m talking about your breasts. Now, don’t take me the wrong way, I’m most certainly not advising you to show off your body the way Kim Kardashian did with Neyo a couple years ago, or dress the way Kesha does on a daily basis. What I am telling you is that age does not determine whether you deserve fashionably comfort or not. the perfect bra is an absolute essential to not only feeling exceptional, but looking perfect for your age! Let’s get serious ladies, we are teenagers and we shouldn’t be “flaunting it if we have it” as most girls our age preach. Modesty is the key to sexiness and you can “flaunt them” without sharing them with the world with your lack of clothing. Read on, ladies!


Beauty and Lace Balconette Bra in Aqua

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When you’re wearing a sheer top, don’t opt for a bright neon bra. Sure, it looks fab on a celebrity, but let’s get serious – we’re living in the real world. Instead, opt for a pattern bra that blends in with the top so it’s not as obvious. Plus, your parents are more likely to let you leave the house this time.


Bold Hollywood Full-Coverage Bra in Gilded Hyacinth

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For the ladies that have been blessed early, select tops that have thicker straps. These will allow you to wear a more supportive bra, and have it covered up because nothing is more ugly than walking around in a cute outfit, while rocking a noticeable sports bra, right?


Nothing Fancy Balconette Bra

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Well, your bra showing isn’t ever sexy, really. When you’re events call for a cut-out dress, or a backless shirt, choose stick-on bra cups to ensure that your bra doesn’t ruin your fabulous fashion. If you can get away with wearing a bandeau or strapless, do it! You will feel more covered up, while looking attractive by not having your bra straps shouting out of your attire.


Wonderfully Wearable One-Shoulder Bra in Black

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Halter tops are hot, and what’s not? Wearing a normal strapped bra with a halter. Invest is a bra that will allow you to change your straps to suit every and all styles of tops and dresses to ensure that that halter remains hot and that racerback tank remains rad.

Get rid of that unclassy, deep v T-shirt that has your breasts popping out. Sure, all the boys are staring but they’re not noticing you for anything positive. Follow these tips for picking the perfect bra that will have you feeling fantastic and sexy, and most importantly, appropriate for our age! Trust me ladies, I am no where close to being a straightedge, angelic teenager. I’m not telling you to wear a full turtleneck body suit because that’s absolutely crazy and totally not stylish. Can you say ugly? Instead, I’m showing you how you can look sexy and stylish with the perfect bra, without looking like you’re 30 or a streetwalker. Hey! It happens, but now you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you with these tips for choosing the perfect bra.


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