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I have a confession to make. When I was in elementary school, I faked an eye exam so I could get eyeglasses.  A specific pair, in fact. They were pink and had a little rhinestone butterfly on the rim. I’m sure my mom knew, but she let me get them anyway. Isn’t that sweet? I used to be embarrassed that I did this, but I think this story is actually pretty common.

Even though I’m older and more mature now, I still wish I wore glasses and, who knows, I might actually buy glasses frames someday.  I often check out eyeglasses stores like GlassesUSA.com to see what designer eyeglasses I would wear.

I tend to like eyeglasses frames that are square-ish, kind of like these retro eyeglasses.

From glassesusa.com

If you want to buy fashion glasses for fun or actually need them and want to buy glasses online, I’ve got a little goody for you – 10% off at GlassesUSA!  They’ve got mens eyeglasses, womens eyeglasses, rimless eyeglasses, pretty much anything you could want.

As for me, I’d totally get that pair above or maybe these ones for those days when I’m going for a nerdy or tomboy-chic look. 🙂

From glassesusa.com

Do you wear glasses or wish you wore glasses? Which pair would you get?


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  1. I think you might feel differently about wearing glasses when you get older. 🙂

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