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Spring is almost over and many cities all over the world are already feeling the heat of summer. With the new season rolling in, your mind may be conjuring images of cold iced teas, beaches and your most comfortable flip flops. However, summer can also be your chance to wear your best and most flattering sporty apparel. If you are looking for some chic and very fashionable choices to make this season, this is your chance to do so.

Here are a couple of the styles and combinations which you can go for this summer.

Sporty Apparel for Summer by Choies

Kill the Heat with Shorts

If you want to keep yourself cool and relaxed during summer, make shorts your best friend. Contrary to common belief, you do not always have to go for denim shorts because there are many other options that you will like and appreciate a lot more. Here are some you can try out.

Floral Print Shorts

Floral Print Shorts with Anomaly Hem

The best thing about these shorts is that they will go with almost every shirt you have. Because the floral print has many colors, it will complement whatever you wear. Match these hot looking shorts with your favorite casual footwear and you are ready to step out.

Stripe Shorts

White Stripe High Waist Shorts

Have a fun afternoon planned with your girlfriends? Wear these white stripped shorts with a matching top and jacket or other sporty apparel and start enjoying summer.

Violet High Waist Shorts

Violet High Waist Shorts

These violet colored shorts can be worn to a party or a just a simple night out with your date. Pair them with high, sexy heals and a top that complements the color and you will have heads turning in no time at all.

Breezy Blouses for all Occasions

Whether you are thinking of wearing jeans or shorts, blouses and comfortable shirts are an essential you cannot go without. Here are a few choices which you may like to consider:

Lace White Shirt

Lace Shirt in White

This shirt is all about elegance.  Wear it to that important meeting or whenever you want to look formal but chic. The blouse has a shirt collar and is loose enough to prevent the cloth from sticking to your body on hot days. This shirt can be worn with a pencil skirt or even a pair of black pants.

Pink Peplum Blouse

Pink Cut Peplum Blouse

Feeling a little flirty?  Wear this low cut blouse made of polyester and enjoy comfort inside out. The V neck of the blouse will give you a chance to wear your best necklace, so do not forget to accessorize.

Floral Off Shoulder Blouse

Choies Limited Editing Floral off Shoulder Blouse

The best thing about this blouse is that you can wear it on shorts, pants or any other kinds of bottoms you like. This particular shirt has a floral print on it and will be perfect with solid but funky colored shorts.

There are really a lot of choices which you can make when it comes to summer and light, comfortable clothes or sporty apparel. So make sure to sign up for 15% OFF coupon at Choies and avail everything it has to offer.


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