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There are a few things that are never out of style and you will look super-chic whenever you wear them. Such is the case of nautical and anchor prints. You can wear them in any way you want. Navy dresses, anchor or nautical printed tops or bottoms, anchor jewels we see them everywhere and we love them in all forms. There is something about this nautical vibe that we are seeing them everywhere Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Alexa Dixon and many others are seen showing their love for this nautical trend. The navy and white stripes or anchor prints on different colors have always been in style whether or not the designers give them some special attention. This classic trend has its own charm that keeps fashion forward people anchored to the stripes and print.

Let’s have a look at this nautical vibe and see in what forms can we wear and pair this trend in the most stylish way.

Anchors to the top:

sleeveless top

We love how the stripes and print are not just limited to dresses but designers have taken this to comfy casual level by bringing this to tops and tees. The easy breezy and ultra-chic look we get by pairing an anchor print tank with shorts or skinny jeans make us look stylish without even trying.

nautical style
Not just stripes you can wear some anchor-print blouse in a solid color or in navy by pairing it with some striped bottom to create a subtle nautical look. You can wear the print in any color just keep something like anchors or stripe to keep the vibe kicking with full spirit.

Dress up as the navy babe:

strapless dress
There is nothing as classy yet ever trendy as a good navy dress. The best thing is a classic navy dress may sound old and outdated but looks trendy and chic every time you wear it. There are new styles and cuts coming up in anchor dresses with the evolving fashion scene. You can wear a navy anchor dress with some navy blue heels and pearls or if you feel like adding some other colors wear your heels in contrast. With a bit of stylish layering you can wear your navy anchor dresses while transitioning from summer to fall. The color itself is fall perfect so all you’d need is a nice jacket or coat to layer your dress with.

pink summer dress
If you don’t want to wear the typical navy blue and feel like wearing the nautical vibes and print in some color then you can always do a few alterations; after all there are no rules to wearing what you want.

Nautical Bottom:

anchor print skirt
Women and designers just love to wear the anchors or stripes where ever they can. You can never get enough of these so we decided why not wear an anchor print or stripy bottom when we are going plain on top. This is a stylish pairing style that can never go wrong whenever or wherever you want to wear it. The anchors and stripes have conquered all sorts of bottoms skirts, pants and shorts they are everywhere. There is no research to prove this as such but we still think every day one out of every ten women someone is wearing their stripes and anchors and making the rest drool.

Anchoring with the accessories:

women's watch

Not wearing anything nautical but still want your some anchors to be in your look then you can find out various accessorizing options to go with the nautical theme. Anchor jewelry is the new hot in jewelry trend and there are necklaces bracelets earrings and what not. You can wear this type of jewelry as your everyday accessory.

Talking about fall you can always find some chic scarfs to keep it warm and stylish. The striped or anchor prints scarf are so in vogue that you can wear them with any of your fall looks and adjust the otherwise summer piece to work in winters.

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