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Feather Hair Clip Barrette : hair accessory

Handcrafted Orange Feather Hair Clip Barrette

Although a lot of importance for prom is placed on the stunning gown you choose, every lady knows that a look is never complete until you have the perfect accessories for your style. Now, jewelry and shoes are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about accessories, but there is one thing that is often overlooked that can truly achieve the stunning appearance you want for an elegant night. I’m talking about prom hair accessories, and before you start thinking that I’m only talking about sparkling clips and floors to be added into your updo, I want you to know that there is so much more to your hair and it has the potential of taking your stunning look to an absolutely astonishing one. Of course, you’ll look fabulous either way, but even more so with your prom hair accessories on point. Explore with some of these hair accessory options to see which one fits your personality and style best.

Sparkling Clips and Pins

White Rose Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Headband : hair accessory

White Rose Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Headband

I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to mention sparkling hair clips for prom because they are definitely a hair accessory that can work wonders. That’s not to mention that this is probably one of the best things to have within your hair drawer because they’re affordable and you can use them time and time again. It’s probably the only hair accessory that you can wear with both formal attire to events such as prom, and also casually with jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes, the smallest of elements are the best, and when you can implement them into your everyday life, why not, right?

Classic Tiaras

Wedding Bridal Jewelry Set  : The Choices of Prom Hair Accessories

White Alloy Silver-plating Tiara Necklace

Of course, you can’t forget about the classic hair piece! A tiara is a girl’s best friend! You can also be versatile with these as you can wear them out to prom, homecoming, your birthday night and even to other special events that are coming up on your calendar. That’s not to mention that sometimes tiaras are just awesome to wear around the house. Hey! You don’t need to be going anywhere to be able to enjoy some glam in your life. You can get tiaras that are $10, and you get some that are $100. It’s all up to you and the budget that you’re working within. Just be sure to opt for one that does not look cheap because a princess never deserves to look anything other than luxurious.

Flowing Feathers

Wedding Bridal Hair Flower : Prom Hair Accessories

Ball Feather Wedding Bridal Hair Flower

It’s only been rather recently that feathers started to take over the hair accessory scene, and they’re a personal favourite! You can get some that accentuate whatever style or appearance you want to achieve. Peacock feathers are always elegant and offer a burlesque appearance, and simple, matte feathers add a little bit of personality to your look. The best thing is that you can have the most basic updo, but when you add in a feather, your hair instantly turns into a masterpiece. There are also all kinds of ways in which you can wear feathers in your hair which makes it versatile for whatever formalities that fall on your calendar.

Feminine Florals

Diamond Pearl Hair Pins For Bride : Prom Hair Accessories

Diamond Pearl Hair Pins For Bride

Of course, you can’t forget about the one thing that illuminates your femininity. Florals are always fabulous and even if the print isn’t on trend, rocking one in your hair is. You can opt for fresh flowers or even fake ones. The only thing when opting to wear real flowers is that you want to be sure that there are no living things in there prior to putting it into your hair. Aside from that though, slipping a couple of pedals into your look adds pure perfection and femininity that every girl can appreciate. That’s not to mention that this hair accessory can also be worn casually or formally.

Prom Hair Accessories

Prom Hair Accessories


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