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Sometimes diamonds & diamond jewelry aren’t forever. People’s tastes and financial situation fluctuates throughout one’s life, and when tastes or circumstances change it’s beneficial to use diamonds and diamond jewelry as a way to grab extra cash. What at first looks like a modest pile of jewelry can quickly turn into thousands of dollars once pieces are placed in a third-party marketplace. These marketplaces arose around the need of client’s to quickly and easily sell their jewelry to bidders so that they can get the best price for their jewelry. A pawn shop is often very unfair in their pricing but when you go through a third-party to find buyers, you often get remarkable prices for used pieces of jewelry.

Diamond jewelry_ring

Diamond Ring

A simple layout

A third-party marketplace knows the ins and outs of the diamond market and can broker for you in an attempt to get you the best price. They put your jewelry on full-display and explain its details to potential buyers. The middle man works as a real boon to your selling efforts and eventually leads you straight to a buyer that has a price that matches the one you have in mind. These marketplaces have become established in the community and hire experts so that they can knowledgeably discuss jewelry with potential buyers and work out the best deal for everyone involved.

Diamond jewelry_necklace

Diamond Necklace

Shipping matters

Once you’ve decided to sell, the marketplace will help you with overnight packaging services and shipping labels. This saves you the price of shipping and gives you a convenient way to drop your jewelry in for sale and then forget about it. It’s one of the most convenient ways to make your own sellers happy while at the same time keeping your own bottom line the highest it can possibly be. The end result is a deal gone right.

Diamond jewelry is almost never worthless. But if you have diamond jewelry that is over 1 carat, you do not want to shop it around to just one buyer, get more cash in a good marketplace. Places like Diamond Lighthouse have perfected this formula and help to make your sale run smoothly from beginning to finish. They take care of all the brokering and bartering and leave you with the feeling that you’ve gotten the most out of your sale. While it’s not always possible to get full dollar-for-dollar value for your jewelry, it’s certain that when you trust a third-party marketplace with your business, you’re going to save a lot of time and headache that often lurk in the details of selling anything online.


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