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Fur jackets are widely considered a sign of wealth and class, but when they’re available in so many styles, it can be difficult to decide which kind is the best for you. Do you prefer mink or fox fur? Will you make a bigger splash in brown, black or white? Here are just five beautiful fur jackets for your consideration.

1. Black Sheared Mink and Chinchilla Reversible Fur Jacket

Black Sheared Mink Reversible Jacket

Black on one side and gray on the other, this reversible jacket can be transformed into a fashionable accessory no matter what the occasion. Face a snowy afternoon in its water-resistant side; turn it back to the fur when it’s time for an evening of high glamor. The chinchilla collar will match both sides, giving you endless customization options and a great look worthy of the runway.

2. Chinchilla Rex Rabbit Fur Jacket

Chinchilla Fur Jacket

Chinchillas offer some of the most eye-popping patterns in the animal kingdom, and this jacket takes full advantage of them, creating a fashion-forward accessory that will nonetheless keep you nice and toasty on winter’s darkest nights. The secret is in the sew-in track belt that allows you to cinch it shut and keep the wind at bay.

3. Black Sheared Mink and Sable Fur Jacket

Black Sheared Mink and Sable Fur Jacket

Dress to impress with turnback sleeves and a beautiful sable collar. Not only will this jacket fight off the worst of the elements, but it will also be perfectly at home at casual and formal events alike. It even comes with a matching fur belt so you can give yourself an hourglass silhouette! Check it out from brands like ML Furs.

4. American Lynx Fur Jacket

American Lynx Fur Jacket

Turn every head with this straight-sleeved jacket made of decadent lynx fur. The pattern is directly from the animal, offering spots and patches with glorious texture, and its stylish cut will flatter any figure. No one will be able to miss you when you walk into the room!

5. Beige Zest Leather Paneled Mink Fur Jacket

Beige Zest Leather Paneled Mink Fur Jacket

Another jacket with an absolutely incredible pattern, this one is made from a brown-and-white mink that brings to mind all the riches of royalty. You’ll look like a queen in its scalloped ruffles and thick, heavy collar, and the frost won’t stand a chance.

These are just five fur jackets to keep you warm this winter. If you’re looking for the very best in style and substance, pick one of these jackets as your newest wardrobe staple.


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