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I learned this little Christmas recipe in 5th grade. It is great fun, and has a very satisfying result (as long as you make the wreath as thick as possible).

diy christmas wreath

WARNING: lots of material needed. Try and use Christmas colors, but other color schemes work just as well e.g. Black and white.  Also using floral and patterned materials add a nice contrast and eye catching Christmas decoration, just make sure the colors don’t clash!

1. Find around 5-10 different materials and cut them into thin strips, about 2.5cm wide and 15 cm long

2. Bend a metal coat hanger so that it creates a circle (or as close to a circle as possible)

3. Tie the strips around the circle of the coat hanger with a typical double knot, trying to make both sides of the knot equal length

4. When you think you have tied enough, think again! Put your hands on either side of the coat hangers hook and try to push all the material downwards, you will find a huge gap, with no material. Start tying again!

5. Once you know you have finished tying, start trimming your wreath like a hedge, evening it out nicely. Try not to trim it too short or else all the ‘fluffiness’ will be gone.

6. Now you can add the final touches, I wrapped thin tinsel around the hook, but a nice red bow would work just as nicely

Tada! A last-minute made, beautiful Christmas wreath!

Mine ended up looking like this (sorry about the horrible photography, it was taken on my phone!) and i get heaps of compliments on it when people come into the house! 😀


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