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Prom night is one of the most important events in any high school girl’s life. Whether you make it as a prom queen or not, the kind of dress that you wear on your prom will be a crucial asset if you want to appear beautiful and confident. However, because every girl is different, your taste of prom dress may not be the same as your other girlfriends’. This is why you should have access to a variety of options and styles.

To help you find the perfect dress for you, here are five of the top prom dresses according to personality types.

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1) The Simple Girl

If you like to keep things uncomplicated and hassle free, simple prom dresses are exactly what you need. Gowns such as the one below are perfectly tailored to fit the contours of your body and give you a very elegant and sleek look. If you wear this long gorgeous chiffon gown with beaded straps and v-neckline, you’ll start turning heads as soon as you enter the auditorium or whichever hall your prom is at.

simple prom dress

2) The Glam Girl

Prom night is a chance for you to show your beauty and personality. So if you feel like you really need to step up and stand out of the crowd, purchase something like the Metallic Silver Prom dress below. This dress is not only glamorous and beautiful, but is also easy to carry and move around in. So if you really like the A-Line cut, this is what you must wear for your prom.

Metallic Silver Prom Dress

3) The Stylish Girl

If you are looking for a chance to grab the prom queen tiara and title, take a look at the Sweetheart Strapless Prom Dress by La Femme Style. The best thing about this particular dress is that even with its sequined bodice, it does not look very overwhelming because it is simplistic in its design. The chiffon fabric used to make the gown will make it look like a fairytale princess. Finally, because the dress is blue, you will be able to flaunt the style and elegance every girl wishes to have on her prom night.

strapless prom dress

4) The Fiery Girl

Prom dresses like the Green High Low Dress are created for girls with a fiery and outgoing personality. This distinctive taffeta gown has a pick up short skirt and a beaded halter bodice with a lace up back for good fit. If you need to dress to impress and don’t mind going for dresses that are a bit bold, these are the type of gowns that you must invest in. The best quality of these prom dresses is that they aren’t just fit and stylish, but also offer the glam a girl like you needs in all her dresses.

taffeta prom dress

5) The Chic Girl

The chic girl is one who is all-in-one package. A girl like you will not just want a beautiful dress, but will also seek comfort and convenience. For this reason, the most ideal dress for you is the one shoulder chiffon with fitted ruched waist. This dress is made for you if you are the sort of person who needs to stay modern and up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

One Shoulder Prom Dress

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