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Who’s ready for Christmas? I know that I sure am! I always complain about my allowance being way too low (and it is!), so when Christmas rolls around at the end of each year, it’s time for me to get the fashion items that I deserve and couldn’t afford. After all, after outstanding grades and a fabulous behaviour, my parents should indulge in everything we desire, right? Totally. So without me blabbing on like I always do, I am just going to get straight to it, and “it” being my Fashion Christmas List. Now, fashion isn’t always just about the latest trends and chic clothing, this Fashion Christmas List will take you from clothing to accessories, socks and scarves. It’s not just any Fashion Christmas List, it’s the ultimate Fashion Christmas List for a teenage girl that has a fierce taste of everything fashionable.

Craze For Clothing

Of course, we have to start off with clothing for this Fashion Christmas List, right?

Jaclyn Smith Women's Slim Stretch Denim Pants

Denim, Denim and more Denim. You always need denim, and I’m talking denim as pants, not as anything else. Everything else denim can be ruled out as tacky.

Marc by Marc Jacobs brilliant magenta wool 'Uma' cable knit crewneck sweater

-Cableknit sweaters are a total must have item for this Winter.

Roxette Sequin Dress - designed by Backstage

Sequin dress is a total necessary add on this Fashion Christmas List. Can you say, Happy New Year? You can’t ring it in without a sparkle of glam, right?

Green 65% Cotton 35% Polyester Womens Camisole

-Camisoles are totally needed, no matter what time of year it is because these little items are perfect for layering and adding a little extra warmth.

West Marine Women's Crew 2 Hoody Hoody; Harbor Teal; Xl

-A big, comfy hoody. We all need one for those cozy Christmas days filled with hot chocolate, right?

Absolutely Accessories

These fabulous little details can make or break your statement, often making it, so don’t skip out on your Fashion Christmas List this year and include these beauties.

Yves Saint Laurent Grey Fox Fur Scarf

-A fall fur scarf is so totally needed. I am seriously dying for one of these because I think fall and winter fashion isn’t complete without some faux fur! With a scarf, you can skip out on asking for 100 fur-trimmed sweaters that are so specific to only one season and trends and opt for a fall scarf to transform your current wardrobe into a trendy treasure of goodness.

Unique Red Rose Snap Closure Satin Party Clutch

-Sparkle and shine with a fabulous clutch! Although we may not be old enough to go to the hottest clubs for the new year, we certainly can turn a generic party into something glamourous with a great clutch.

Round Stone Pendant Tassel Necklace

-Statement necklaces are super in this season, so indulge and say a lot with just a necklace.

-Knee-high high socks aren’t just for getting your feet warm, right?

-A knuckle ring that sparkles and shines like the snow outside is fit for this season and your style.

Fab Footwear

You can’t go out in Winter without something keeping your toes warm! These are my absolute footwear essentials for this winters Fashion Christmas List.

Melissa Button 77167 - Cognac

-Equestrians are super haute, and they are easy to trek through snow and ice in.

Taj Low - Black

-Ugg-inspired boot is also needed, just for those warm and cozy days that appear in your outfits sometimes throughout the Christmas.

Daveig - Black Multi LL

-Booties area personal favourite of mine and can be taken through season to season!

Vera Short 76298 - Tan

-Mid-Calf biker inspired boot is perfect to keep the snow out while keeping your style in.

-Slippers. Hello! How could I possible forget to add a fabulous pair of furry slippers to my Fashion Christmas List?

Goddess Gadgets

Being a tech diva is just as important as rocking a marvelous outfit because if you’re not living in the 21st century of technology, you’re totally outdated from head to toe. Ask for some of these style savvy gadgets.

– iPhone 5s are the latest version that Apple has released and it’s totally a must have item! Who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays anyway?

Peach-hearts Design Metal Plating Back Cover Hard Case for iPhone 5 (Silver)

– Chic iPhone cases are all over the place, but indulge in some couture cases from Juicy Couture. They’re inexpensive, and allow you to indulge in one of the top brands loved by the hottest people in Hollywood. Its really the only want to treat yourself to a little couture attention.

– iTunes App Store is always a necessity. Sure, we can get some pretty fab applications for free, but there are some really amazing ones that cost a couple bucks too! And do you know how many amazing style apps that are out there?

– iPad Minis were just released and tablets are super haute right now. Plus, this is a tablet that you can afford and use for your homework and such. Amazing, right?

-iPods are not so last year. I love using my iPod for my workouts. Hello motivation! iPods come in some totally bomb colour preferences as well.

Locker Love

Lockers are pretty much our lifeline at school, or at least I know that it is for myself. I keep everything from my cosmetic case, outerwear, toiletries and even extra pairs of shoes in mine. Here are some great ideas to ask for Christmas o show your locker a little love.

– Locker Mirrors come in really cute colours and trust me, not having to run to the bathroom to do a little makeup touch up is so worth it.

9432Bl - Safco 5 Drawer Mesh Desktop Organizer - 15.25 inch  X 10.25 inch  X 12.75 inch  - Steel - Black

– Organizers should not be overrated. You can get some that hang from the door, or some that organize your school books, and again, they come is uber cute colours.

– Wallpaper for your locker is, I guess, not wallpaper at all. It’s pre cut paper specifically for locker doors so you can rock a fabulous design specific to your style, whether it be couture or chic houndstooth.

– Magnets may sound lame, but you can get really adorable ones specific to the theme your locker is rocking. They can totally make or break the look.

-White boards can never be a fail. Who doesn’t love surprising messages and reminders every time you open your locker, which is a lot!

Marvelous Music (N’ Things)

Some may argue that this category should fall into the tech one, but let’s get serious here ladies, the more gifts we suggest and hand over to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the better, right?

– iTunes gift certificates are perfect for your music downloads! Stealing music isn’t fashionable in any way! Plus, this would be a great stocking stuffer! (Hint! Hint!)

– Albums are something that you just have to indulge in, especially if it’s your favourite artist, like J Biebs. Add on some CDs to your fashion Christmas list.

– Movies, movies and more movies. You can never have too many of these! All I have to say is, Channing Tatum in Magic Mike… herrow! DVD please!

– Season Sets of your favourite television shows are so fab for those cold, snowy nights. I’m looking forward to some Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.

– Car accessories obviously only apply if you’re lucky enough to have your own car. I’m not one of them… trust me, my parents are totally aware at how unhappy I am about this. Ask for some hookups for your iPhone or iPods, or even a headset so you don’t talk and drive!

With this Fashion Christmas List, you can guarantee that you’re about to celebrate a fashionable and stylish Christmas that will undoubtedly have you looking chic from head to toe.


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