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Accessories are most certainly the making point of your outfit, especially when working as a frugal fashionista, as all of us teens are. (Don’t kid yourself!) P.S. Mom, if you’re reading this…. I deserve a raise! You may often find yourself wondering how to wear accessories, and this is just as important as knowing which ones to pick, because with a low allowance, your fashion relies on fabulous fashion accessories to devour your attire in a divine and stylish way. Unfortunately, until our parents decide that we deserve more money (hint hint! Nudge nudge!), we can all rely on the excellent use of accessories, and how they can totally turn a generic outfit into something glamorously fabulous. Dress to a statement, sparkle or with some sass and learn how to wear accessories with these superb pieces.


Luck Bead a Lady Necklace

Statement necklaces are extremely trendy this winter season and having a few in your jewelry box can make  hundred of items look brand new. The best thing about this super jewelry pieces is that one necklace can make the most boring tee shirt, tank top, or even sweater totally and completely the boss of your attire. (Like a bowss!) Still wondering how to wear accessories such as a statement necklace? Don’t worry! This Christmas season compliment that basic green long sleeve shirt that you have been hoarding for years in the back of your closet with a bright and vibrant red statement necklace. After all, those are the colours of the season! Walk into your Christmas party looking sassy with a statement. Meeeeeow. You diva!

Play It Cowl Sweater


Jet Setter Sweater in Teal


Fabulous Apricot Rhinestone Snap Closure Creased Bamboo Pattern Satin Prom Clutch

Of course, having some sparkling accessories is totally necessary because you totally want to end the year with a splash of sparkle, right? It only makes sense. No one wants to end the year with some matte and basic accessories. Can you say boring, and not to mention totally dreadful? It sounds completely and utterly awful. I love rocking the sparkle and shine to end the years fabulous memories and to celebrate the beginning of a new fashionable step forward into the future. Now when it comes to knowing how to wear accessories that sparkle with luxury, you most definitely need to proceed with caution girls because a little too much sparkle and glam and you could look like the angel on the top of your Christmas tree…. and that’s not a good thing in this fashion world, so keep your glitter to your favourite clutch, or a fabulous pair of heels.


Shaping Red Sheepskin Duck Down Fox Fur Collar Women's Fur Coat

You get sass with class, is what they say…. or what I say, rather. Sass is something fierce that is totally fun to indulge in within your attire. My favourite way to rock sass is through my accessories that are fabulous and furry. Okay, it doesn’t sound so fabulous when I put it like that, but believe me, it is. Faux fur is in… because no one likes to kill animals. Let’s get serious here, girls. This is the 21st century and animal cruelty simply is haute, and thankfully designers have recognized and emphasized the marvelous ways of faux fashion and how exquisite they can look if worn properly. Faux fur scarves add the perfect amount of sass to a basic long sleeve shirt as does a perfect pair of fur trimmed boots with a fab pair of denim. Trust me on this one ladies, a few faux fur pieces and your wardrobe is going to be totally rejuvenated.

Warm Coffee Fur Women's Scarf

Black Zipper Fur Sheepskin Suede Woman's High Heel Booties

Just think about it, a tank top and a pair of jeans is blah blah boring, and knowing how to wear accessories will certainly turn your outfit completely into a 360 makeover. Add a statement necklace, a sparkling clutch or some sassy boots and you have something that is going to make your school hallways your own little fashion show with every stride that you take. Wait no longer! Get on the accessories, girls! I’m telling you. They will totally change your whole entire wardrobe, and when your budget is lacking, let accessories do the talking. Whether you’re looking to rock a statement, sparkle like a star of rawr with some sass, these accessories are ultimate indulgences that your closet will certainly appreciate! Accentuate your stylish talent with accessories.


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