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It’s funny how fashion recycles popular styles from past eras, but it’s not hard to see why. Yesterday’s fashions are inspiring and stylish making them easy to rebirth into a modern way. No style is as chic as the goddess-like Grecian style of yesteryear.

The ancient Greeks sure knew how to rock a dress and jewelry considering the times, so it’s no wonder Grecian fashion is still sought after today. A Grecian look is easy to achieve with the right pieces. Grecian styles will forever be “in,” so get familiar with my favorite looks that are easy to incorporate into your every day.

Gladiator Sandals

This summertime, sandal is a must-have for those who want a relaxed look. A pair of gladiator sandals can be worn with a flowy dress, shorts, and even jeans. The perfect pair will have a woven or braided design that wraps around the foot like a pair you would see in Ancient Greece.

Grecian Style Ecote Braided Gladiator Sandal

The Ecote Braided Gladiator Sandal from UrbanOutfitters.com does a great job of resembling one you would see hundreds of years ago in Greece. These sandals are comfortable and eye-catching so you can wear them wherever you go. Sandals are an essential for summer, so why not go for the Grecian look with this trendy gladiator pair.

Laurel Leaves

Gold was, and still is, a symbol of wealth and luxury – which is why going Grecian requires you to add some gold to your ensemble. Gold can easily be added to your look in the form of jewelry and accessories.

Grecian Style Retro Golden Leaf Headband

Strong symbols of the Greeks are the laurel leaves. In ancient Greek mythology and art, Gods were seen wearing these crowns, and the people were crowned with laurel leaves for high achievements in athleticism and academics. To wear a leaf crown meant you were a very prestigious person. Today, you can crown yourself with a modern day laurel leaf crown in the form of a headband like this Retro Golden Leaf Headband from Etsy.com.

Zahara's Matte Gold Leaf Bracelet

Add even more laurel leaves to your look with this luxurious looking gold tone bracelet from Emitations.com. Zahara’s Matte Gold Leaf Bracelet is an elegant way to implement laurel leaves to your wrists. They’ll match your laurel leaf crown and can be worn separately to add a touch of Grecian to your everyday look.

Oversized Earrings

Textured Gong Oversized Disc Earrings

A pair of oversized earrings can really transform your ensemble and make you embody the Grecian style. This pair of Textured Gong Oversized Disc Earrings from GoJane.com come in a metallic gold tone that will make your look pop. Oversized earrings like these, or hoop and dangle styles, give off a swank and lavish look that exudes Grecian falir.

Gold Nail Polish

Out Of Sight - chunky gold glitter

If you want to glimmer in gold without jewelry or just want to complement your favorite pieces, then try some gold nail polish. Out Of Sight – Chunky Gold Glitter from Sephora.com is a great way to add Grecian gold to your everyday look. Chunks of glitter and gold combine to give off a gleaming look of luxe that will match your outfit and give off hints of Grecian style. Transform your manicure with this exciting shade and sparkle in the sun all summer long!

Grecian Wrap Dress

Finally, a Grecian wrap dress can be worn as your go-to dress this season because its flowing design and stylish look is comfortable to wear in the heat—it’s no wonder this style of dress was so popular in Ancient Greece.

Grecian Style Maxi Dress with Wrap

ASOS.com’s Maxi Dress with Grecian Wrap is a great option to achieve Grecian style this summer. The bright green shade adds a pop of color that looks great on most skin tones. The effortless Grecian wrap design is one every woman should have in her closet. Pair this dress with all your favorite gold jewelry pieces and you’ll look like a Grecian Goddess.

These Grecian style fashions are not only classic, but also versatile enough to wear with just about anything this summer. The Grecian trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere for a long time, so stock up on the freshest styles and enjoy them for years to come!

Author Bio: Breanne is a recent college graduate, fashion aficionada, and blogger. You can find her on Google + or her blog, Proper & Pink! where she discusses fashion, entertainment, and other pop culture musings.


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