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With all the emails and texting going on, holiday etiquette still calls for a handwritten letter.  Thank goodness!  I love handwritten notes.  They are much more special than an e-card.  I’ve tried to weed through the cheezy ones and have found some fun cards you might like.

This is a personal favorite of mine. It’s funny because it’s true. 🙂

From ravenofskys.etsy.com

From gingerdead.etsy.com

This spooky card is cute too.  Frosty the Abominable snowman!

From zazzle.com/drawnbyhand

From zazzle.com/drawnbyhand

As you can see, I like unconventional and nontraditional cards…like this.

From zazzle.com/hahpistuff

From zazzle.com/hahpistuff

And this one…hehe

From zazzle.com/stlewis75

From zazzle.com/stlewis75

If you are blessed with artistic talent, you can try creating your own design.  But even if your art skills are mediocre (like mine!), you can still come up with something.  What do you think of this one I made?

Fashion Christmas Card

Get it? 😉


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