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Black Friday is in less than a week! I’m going to be with my guy’s family for Thanksgiving this year so I’m not sure if I will make it to any stores, but I thought you ladies might find value in the lessons I learned from last year’s Black Friday experience.

  • Set a budget. I’m no financial expert, but I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t spend what you don’t have.
  • Make a list. Figure out what you want so you aren’t tempted to get any impulse items.

old navy gifts

  • Forget the free giveaways. Unless you are prepared to camp out in front of the store, just forget about it. The supplies are extremely limited and you’ll probably just be disappointed. Plus, there are usually other unadvertised freebies…more like boobie prizes. Last year I got a cute tote from Old Navy.
  • Scope out the place. Figure out what you want and where it is in the store. Then you can quickly snatch up your stuff and move to the register before the lines get too long.

black friday lines

  • Wear thin clothing. Then you can try stuff on in the middle of the store without having to use the fitting rooms.
  • Have fun! Don’t get stressed out my the holiday madness. Stay relaxed, go with friends or do whatever it takes to enjoy yourself!

Where will you be celebrating Black Friday?


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