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Most of us, when we have a ball or a prom night coming up, break out in a flat panic.

The question “What am I going to wear” is one that will undoubtedly be going through your mind every waking moment. And what’s more – how are you going to afford a beautiful dress?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on the first ball gown you see, stop and think. To prevent rash decisions and possible disappointment, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration:

Set a budget..

Before you spend any money, create a budget to see how much you can afford or how much you are willing to spend on your new ball gown.

Ball Gown for Sale at Milanoo

Ball Gown for Sale at Milanoo

Determine what your personal style is..

Are you classy and elegant? Are you romantic, or trendy? Find out what your personal style is, and then start looking for a killer-dress that radiates that style and enhances your personality. If the dress of your choice is not only beautiful but comfortable as well, you will know you made the right choice.

Shop around and compare..

If you are not entirely sure about what you are looking for, you could go online or browse through fashion magazines for inspiration. There are many fashion websites and fashion blogs where you can see lots of different styles to suit a wide variety of tastes and personalities. Check out the current red-carpet trends, see who wears what. For great style ideas you can also have a look the Milanoo website.

Go for a full-length ball gown and party dress

Full-length dresses are usually the best choice. There is nothing worse than a ball gown that is too short and makes you look and feel uncomfortable and, well… less than classy. Full-length doesn’t mean that you compromise on sexiness. Au contraire! An off-the shoulder style or a dress with a tight-fitting bodice will do absolute wonders for your natural sexiness and confidence.

Choose your color carefully..

While any color can be beautiful if it compliments your skin tone, hair color and your eyes, neon is definitely not a great look for anyone, and should preferably be avoided. Another thing to avoid when it comes to party dresses and ball gowns are patterns. In order to make you look radiant and exquisite, plain, classic col0rs are always your best bet. Use beautiful accessories and sexy heels to complete your look.

Make sure you know your real size..

There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting ball gown or party dress. No matter what size you are, find a dress that fits you nicely and still looks beautiful, sexy and classy, highlighting your natural curves. Don’t try to squeeze into a dress that is actually a little on the tight side, and  plus size prom dresses are not a good idea either.

No need to break the bank for that gorgeous ball gown..

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend all your money on a ball gown.  There are some great online stores, such as Milanoo, where you can find stunning selections of the most gorgeous ball gowns at discounted prices. In fact, Milanoo has some great special deals at the moment, with discounts up to 30% off the usual price. There is an extensive collection of absolutely stunning ball gowns, prom and party dresses to choose from.

These are some of my favorites:

This dark navy blue, off-the-shoulder dress, crafted from beautiful flowy chiffon is my absolute favorite. It is a long, A-line dress which will show off all your best bits in a classical, spellbinding manner, and is sure to make heads turn! The best thing is that this exquisite creation is now discounted with an amazing 30% off the normal price!

For more info and stunning pics, click on the image below.

Dark Navy Blue Chiffon One Shoulder Flower A-line Long Prom Dress

Dark Navy Blue Chiffon One Shoulder Flower A-line Long Prom Dress

Another absolutely stunning number is this white beaded Sweetheart chiffon evening dress.  Its delicate and elegant lines, neutral colour and seductive bodice will make you a radiant sight for sore eyes, setting you apart from all the rest! With the right accessories and a gorgeous up-style, you will feel like a princess from your favourite fairytale. Another great deal at 30% off the regular price!

For more info and lots of beautiful photographs from different angles, click on the image below.

White Sweetheart Beading Chiffon Woman's Prom Dress

White Sweetheart Beading Chiffon Woman’s Evening Dress

Steal the show in this exquisite romantic azure blue Sweetheart prom dress, which is floor-length and made from soft-falling, gorgeously flowy chiffon. You’re guaranteed to feel endlessly glamorous and all eyes will be on you as you enter the room. Unbelievable but true, you can’t go wrong with this stunner which can be yours at 30% of the normal price.

Want to see more? Be sure to click on the image below::

Romantic Blue Sweetheart Prom Dress

Romantic Blue Sweetheart Prom Dress


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