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A little known fact about me- I looooove cartoons.  (I’m actually writing an enormous paper on cartoons for one of my classes this semester!)   We don’t usually think of them as fashion icons, but they are a great source of style inspiration.

Marge at ModCloth

marge simpson fashion costume

Dress, shoes, and necklace from ModCloth

Marge has a unique and eclectic style. She’s always in a bold green dress, classic red necklace, and practical red flats.  It’s hard not to look like a Christmas ornament in green and red, but this outfit from ModCloth pulls it off.

Lucy at Lulu’s

lucy peanuts costume fashionDress, shoes, and sunnies from Lulu’s

Lucy is one of my favorite cartoon characters. She’s smart, crafty, and always in her cute blue dress.   This outfit from Lulu’s is a modern take on the Peanuts classic. Even if you aren’t a fan of this outfit, how can you not love those shoes?!

Leela at Lulu’s

leela futurama costume fashionTop, jeans, boots, and bracelet from Lulu’s

Leela from Futurama is an alien dressed to kick some butt. They make fun of her “boring” fashion on the show, but you can never go wrong in a white top and jeans.


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  1. lol, I love the Simpsons and Futurama. I’d never looked at the characters as fashion icons before… great post 🙂

  2. I agree… great post. Love the ‘Lucy’ shoes lol.

  3. those pink dutches are cute!

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