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Win this adorably fabulous watch by La Mer Collections!


To enter, check out La Mer’s site and tell us which watch you like best. (ps- it’s going to be hard to choose just one!)

You can enter a second time if you friend Prom Mafia on facebook! Contest ends on Friday, July 3rd.



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  1. Their watches are very unique and attractive. My favorite is the Grey Multichain.

  2. The Cream – Gold Peace is my favorite. It is gorgeous!

  3. Facebook fan (username: Lilly Papers)

  4. I like the red with gold studs!

  5. Simple Wraps
    Kelly Green is my favorite.

  6. I love the brown vintage chain wrap you have pictured.. definitely my favorite! thanks

  7. became a fan on facebook

    Amanda hellen

  8. Cream – Gold Peace is the watch I love the best!

  9. The “Turquoise Gold Seaside” one is just too gorgeous. |: I’m addicted to anything bright blue at the moment, so that’s gonna have to be my fave! πŸ™‚
    By any of them with turquoise in, especially. |:

    I’m a friend on facebook too – name’s Joanna Beck. πŸ™‚

  10. I like the Gold-White with Gold Studs Layer Wrap Watch.

  11. I think I like the “Black Tea Party” the best! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  12. how pretty is this, thank you

  13. I LOVE THE Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf

  14. simple wrap tourqouise [email protected]

  15. I like the purple silver peace chain/charm wrap watch.

  16. the “cream gold peace” watch is my favorite. and i’m a facebook friend!

  17. I love the bright red color of the red Simple Wrap watch.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  18. The “Black – Tea Party” is really cool, I love that watch!

  19. Turquoise – Gold Seaside

  20. Tough choice, but I think the White–Silver Garden Leaf one is my favorite!

  21. I like the Cream with gold peace watch.

  22. I like the Turquoise – Gold Seaside the best. Perfect for summer.

  23. I like the Black Multi Chain Watch.

  24. I love the Royal Blue-Silver Garden Leaf watch. I wear alot of blue so I guess it would go with most of my wardrobe! LOL

  25. Same Sue here…just became a fan on Facebook.

  26. Wow! These aren’t just watches, they are artistic jewelry! I really liked the Grey – Multichain watch, very nice.

    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  27. purple-silver peace

  28. Turquoise Gold Seaside

  29. Linda Lansford

    I like Simple Wraps

  30. Hmmm, toughie, but I love purple so the Purple – Silver Peace watch.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  31. i love the red-gold treasure chain/charm wraps watch. awesome.

  32. Margaret Smith

    I also love the Metal Links watch in the black.
    Thanks so much.

  33. I think the Brown-Gold Nature watch is my fave. I like the charm combo on that one.

  34. I really love the simplicity & look of the Black Patent – Single Gold Chain.

  35. I like the Simple Wrap in white.

  36. i know the perfect wrist that would fit on it belongs to my wife

  37. I like simple wrap brown

  38. cream gold peace looks nice!

  39. I love the Red – Gold Peace watch. I’m a sucker for anything that dangles and I love peace signs, red’s also my favorite color.

  40. I’m a Prom Mafia fan (Michelle Hudak)

  41. Terri Sinclair

    Turquoise Gold Seaside would be nice for summer although they are all beautiful! I also loved the cream gold peace!

  42. Michelle Draveski

    I like the cream peace but the one here is really really cool

  43. I really like the antique brass cuff watch

  44. very nice selection i like the METAL LINKS IN TEAL simple and good looking

  45. I like the Chain Wrap-Red with Gold Treasure.

  46. My favorite watch is the White Garden Leaf!

  47. I am a Prom Mafia fan on Facebook too!

  48. Omg those watches are so cute! I love the Chain Charm Wraps in Turquoise Gold Seaside, and the Layer Wraps in Hot Pink with Gold Studs. Sooo pretty! Thank you πŸ™‚

  49. I like theCream – Gold Peace!

  50. Red – Gold Treasure – That is my fav. But to be honest it was hard choosing my favorite as they all are totally unique and they are sure to be a FASHION YES!!!

  51. Sharon Franks-Rivard

    I like the Creme simple wrap watch in soft leather. God’s Blessings to all…

  52. I like the Hot Pink Patent Simple Wrap watch. Thanks!

  53. I like the brown with the gold leaf, they’re all so pretty

  54. Simple strap in bronze.

  55. I like the white silver garden leaf

  56. the Grey – Multichain watch, it’s hott

  57. I like Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. Facebook Fan :

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. The Creme – Python layer wrap is awesome! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  60. Red – Gold Treasure is my favorite.

  61. You are right. It was hard to choose. There are so many watches to choose from. I will pick the Cream – Gold Peace watch.

  62. Hot Pink Patent Simple Wrap watch is so darn cute!

  63. I love the simple wrap watch in hot pink or gold, that is definitely something I would wear! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. The Turquoise – Gold Seaside watch is so great – I love the sail charm!

  65. Oh my! I love the Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf! It is so beautiful and almost looks mystical! πŸ˜€ It would be the flair when wearing a simple dress!

  66. I love the cream/gold peace watch.

  67. I love the Brown – Gold Peace watch set

  68. mypocketsunshine

    I am a prom mafia member!

    ohhh mann, i love all those lovely watches but my favorite would have to be the Emerald Gold Travel Watch! πŸ™‚

  69. Simple Wraps

  70. i love the silver leafe wrap! so cute! but the brown one yoiu have shown is my fav!

  71. very cute

  72. I like the Simple Hot Pink Wrap.

  73. I really like the cocktail ring watches. But then again, I’m just a ring person. Really, all the watches are super amazing.

  74. mypocketsunshine

    ah, forgot to say I’m a Prom Mafia friend on facebook! πŸ™‚

  75. I loved the Emerald Gold Travel watch.

  76. I LOVE the carpe diem watches!! especially the black face/clear band one

  77. and I’m a fan on facebook πŸ™‚

  78. I love their Turquoise – Gold Seaside watch! Thank you!

  79. They’re all fabulous! But the one I love is Emerald – Gold Travel Watch πŸ˜€

    And I am a fan on FB!

  80. The Simple wrap watch in hot pink is my favorite. Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  81. How to choose! I love the “Layer Wrap” watch in Black with Gold Studs!! I want it SOO bad, what a fabulous watch!! πŸ™‚ http://www.lamercollections.com/collection/Black-Black-With-Gold-Studs/

  82. I like the Hot Pink Patent Simple Wrap watch.
    [email protected]

  83. Grey – Multichain watch is my fave

  84. I’d have to say the Emerald Gold Travel watch was my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf

  86. Lola Brinegar

    Love the Layer Wraps in white! or pink!

  87. I love the metal links in teal & the turquoise gold seaside chain/charm wrap.

  88. Facebook- Sherry Conrad

  89. Hot Pink Patent Simple Wrap watch

  90. Fortune Filiba

    I love the white silver garden leaf

  91. The simple wrap watch in pink is my favorite.

  92. I like all of them, but the Crème – Crème Metallic Swirl is my favorite.

  93. My sister loves the Red Layer Wrap – Red-With-Gold-Studs. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  94. .. you bet it was hard to choose one. Amazing site, I love it that online giveaways introduce me to shops I would most likely never find otherwise! From the chain / charm selection I’d take pretty much any clock, but if I have to pick just one favorite, I go for the (..can I have them all?) Black Tea Party that can be combined with any outfit. But gosh the colorful ones are gorgeous as well!

  95. I like Gunmetal – Gunmetal Jewelry Chain

  96. Philip Downer

    My favorite would have to be the Brown-Gold garden Leaf. It would be for my girlfriend of course, but she would die if she had one!!!

  97. Philip Downer

    facebook friend

    Philip Downer

  98. I also like the Magenta metal links watch.

  99. They’re all amazing, but I’m partial to the Emerald – Gold Travel

  100. Katherine Frazier

    very hard to choose but I really liked the Grey – Multichain watch.

  101. Orange – Gold Garden Leaf among alot of other favorites!

  102. i like the gun metal LMSDW1008a

  103. Purple – Silver Peace is really neat!

  104. You’re right – it IS hard to choose just one. I would begin with the White Patent – Single Gold Chain… and then ‘expand’ from there! πŸ™‚

  105. I love the White – Silver Garden Leaf

  106. i’m in love with the red-gold treasure charm wrap!

  107. I like the Red – Gold Peace.

  108. the gun metal LMSDW1008a

  109. Excellent prize!!!

  110. Cynthia Mercado

    I love the Black Patent – Single Gold Chain watch.

  111. I love the Gun Metal Cuff.

  112. I love the Chain Link Metal Cuff Watch. Classic enough to wear to work, yet trendy enough for the weekends.

  113. Rhonda Christian


  114. I love the white silver garden leaf too it is exquisite


    I like the silver cuff watch.

  116. Sharon Seneker

    I like the Gold Simple Wrap Watch best! Thanks! [email protected]

  117. I love the Purple – Silver Peace! Thanks!!

  118. Red – Silver Peace for me, please. : )

  119. Leah Mitchell: I really like the Turquoise – Gold Seaside Watch, It’s really really pretty

  120. Dude. I love the gunmetal grey jewelry watch. Freaking awesomeness.

  121. I like the Simple Wrap in Orange

  122. Facebook fan: ktanjatk tk

  123. Kathy Emerick

    I just love them all but I like the Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf

  124. I like the black metal watch!

  125. I, too, love the Royal Blue, Silver Garden Leaf. My 2nd choice would be Black-Tea Party.

    Thank you!

  126. I love the Brown – Gold Garden Leaf! It’s very autumnal and would look perfect with my wardrobe πŸ™‚

  127. It is a hard choice . I love the brown ones for fall and love the Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf.

  128. I’m really liking the gun metal LMSDW1008a.

  129. Grey – Multichain watch. so cute!

  130. I love the gray shimmer!

  131. I love these! My favourite is a totally equal toss up between Brown – Gold Garden Leaf and Black Patent – Single Gold Chain reallly I love them all and I’m going to save the page to favs so when I can I can start collecting them all!

  132. friended prom mafia on facebook – actually I really love the black simple wrap the best. OF course in the next hour or tomm that may change!

  133. I like the Chain Link Metal Cuff Watch.

  134. Wow I need to review these on my blog too! πŸ™‚

    Easy to pick a favorite, I’m always instantly attracted to all things ‘red’ so the ‘Red – Gold Peace’ watch was my favorite. I sign off my personal emails by saying ‘PEACE’ so this one is made for me! πŸ™‚

  135. Gunmetal – Gunmetal Jewelry Chain is the one I like best.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  136. They’re all so gorgeous! But I think I like the Gunmetal – Gunmetal Jewelry Chain watch the best πŸ™‚

  137. Purple – Silver Peace

  138. Michelle Hohertz

    I liked the gunmetal jewelry chain. Very chic.

  139. Like you said (warned!) this would not be an easy choice! But I finally opted for the irresistible Red-Gold Peace watch – it’s gorgeous!

  140. I love the grey multi chain charm watch πŸ™‚

  141. the Brown Gold Garden Leaf is very beautiful!

  142. I like the Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf.

  143. I like the purple silver peace watch.

  144. I like the layer wrap in creme python.

  145. I just LOVE the Silver Cuff watch! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway watch!

  146. I like the simple Black Patent.

  147. How cool are all these watches?!? I like the White – Silver Garden Leaf watch a lot;)

  148. I love the Gun Metal cuff watch.

  149. joannaonthelake

    Wowza!! I think this is the hottest watch! I love to wear really unique accessories that you probably won’t see anyone else in the near vicinity of you wearing and this watch is one ultra hip piece I’d love to sport around town on my wrist! Another item from La Mer’s site that caught my eye is the CREME – PYTHON Layer Wrap Watch, another watch that has that “wow” factor! Thanks so much for the chance to enter. Have a safe and happy 4th!
    [email protected]

  150. Yvonne Butler

    I would pick the Red-Gold Peace Watch. Thanks for letting me enter

  151. joannaonthelake

    I have added you as a friend on facebook, my username there is Joanna Smith
    [email protected]

  152. Veronica Garrett

    I like the Royal Blue-Silver Garden Leaf.

  153. I like the black/leopard layer wrap. I usually can’t wear watches because they are against the skin. With the band going under the watch, I can wear one again!

  154. Love the Brown – Gold Peace watch. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  155. I became a fan of Prom Mafia on facebook. Thanks! Trish F.

  156. I really like the Turquoise – Gold Seaside Chain/Charm Wrap. It’s lovely!

  157. i love the Metal Links
    Magenta πŸ™‚

  158. fan on facebook kathy l pease

  159. Hi!! Sooo cute! the purple peace is what I would choose for my daughter!!! : )

  160. Youre right..it is hard to chose just one!!! Those are some sexy watches! I really love the one you have up here, the black multichain charm wrap is really hot too! I wanted to name another one, but dont wanna disqualify myself since you said just one…haha! Thanks!

  161. i really like the Red-Gold Peace Watch

  162. i kind of like the Chain Link Metal Cuff Watch in gun metal!

  163. The Emerald World Traveler Watch is my favorite. Looks very cool.

  164. I’m a facebook fan.

  165. My favorite is the White – Silver Garden Leaf. It would look so hot this summer.

  166. I love the Royal Blue – Silver Garden Leaf!

  167. Definitely the Black Tea Party wrap watch! Gorgeous!

  168. Became a fan of Prom Mafia on Facebook!

  169. I really like Royal Blue-Silver Garden Leaf.

  170. The Emerald World Traveler Watch , wow!

  171. friend on fb- id- Lia Casson

  172. I like the Navy Shimmer Simple Wrap

  173. I like the silver simple wrap. THank you

  174. Love the Kelly Green Simple Wrap!

  175. The Royal Blue-Silver Garden Leaf looks very nice!

  176. I follow you on Facebook.

  177. KayMI this is amazing Does it fit a larger wrist this is so Me..

  178. I like the black/leopard layer wrap

  179. Dianna Baldwin

    I love the black layer wrap!

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