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I’m a bad fashion blogger, I know. This is the first time I’ve mentioned Topshop on Prom Mafia. But I had never been there before so I couldn’t preach the good word until I experienced it for myself. Well, I popped in to their store in New York City last weekend and loved it!

It was like H & M except higher quality and higher prices. I guess you would call it not so fast fashion. The prices were a little too high for my unemployed self, but I did find a cute leather headband on sale for only $5.

(Doesn’t that frozen pink lemonade from Serendipity 3 look delish?)


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  1. we don’t even have topshop out here,
    so it’s something i’ve never mentioned either lol.
    the only time i hear about it is on everyone else’s
    blogs! ;] at least you found a cute headband!

    ahhh i love serendipity 3! i went to the one in vegas
    and the frozen chocolate was so good.


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