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Accessories are always such a vital part of any outfit, whether you’re heading to prom, a date night with the girls or lounging around the backyard with the family. They can make those jeans and tee shirt look super fabulous, and they can take your glamorous prom dress and turn it into a red carpet phenomenon. They rule life. Honestly. However, I’ve never been a fan of busting out the dollar bills on jewelry. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve never found it necessary to spend big bucks on diamond earring that I will most certainly lose when I’m out, causing shenanigans with my girls. That’s when I discovered costume jewelry. Here’s the catch though… To keep costume jewelry anything but cheap and cheesy, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. There’s a stark difference between fake diamonds and cute little gems. So take my advice, and make sure that the prom accessories you purchase can also be used for after the big night as well.

Go With The Medium

Inspirational Blessings Sterling Silver I Stand in Awe Earringsprom accessories

I always recommend going with the middle price point. Don’t go with the cheapest prom accessories, and certainly don’t go with the most expensive. This is to ensure that you’re not purchasing some cheap junk that will fall apart at the end of the night while also ensuring that you don’t need insurance on that big diamond. Plus, where are you going to get the money for expensive prom accessories anyway, right? That’s why there is such a thing as teen jewelry, after all. There are so many stores dedicated to teen jewelry specifically, which is filled with fake, metal and plastic items, and although that may not sound appealing, you’ll be shocked at how fabulous the medium price items can look with your dress, and of course, every other day as well.

Diamond Station Earringprom accessories

Romantic Adventure Drop Earringprom accessories

The Difference Between Fake and Flawless

Oh, I can’t put enough emphasis on this one! There is such a big difference between teen jewelry being fake, and a fake item looking flawless. There are some gemstones, for example, that look like giant plastic, cheesy pieces that have been attached to an earring backing. Hello, tacky. On the other hand, there are fake diamond earrings and accessories that are certainly fake, but they don’t shout the “F” word to everyone that looks at you. You can still look fashionably flawless with fake costume jewelry. The trick is to determine what is cheesy and fake, and what’s flawlessly fake.

Stick With Fashion

Sterling Silver CZ's Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace - 16 Inchesprom accessories

Pearls are great. They’re even better when you don’t have to buy them and can borrow your Grandma’s necklace for prom night. However, pearls aren’t necessarily an item that can be worn throughout your wardrobe, day in and out. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to discourage you from borrowing your nanny’s pearly necklace for prom at all. If that option is available to you, consider yourself one lucky girl. I may envy you a bit.. Just a little. For the majority of us though, we have to purchase our prom accessories, and the trick is to keep your choices fashionable. Sure, a fake pearl necklace would look perfect for prom, but after it starts to wear and tear as fake pearls do, you simply can’t wear them anymore, not to mention that pearls don’t always fit everything within your wardrobe. Stick with versatile, trendy items so you can wear your teen jewelry time and time again.

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Crystal Drop Necklace - 17 Inchesprom accessories

All three tips provided play a crucial factor when choosing teen jewelry that can be worn, not only to prom, but well after as well. You don’t want cheap jewelry that falls apart right away, or cheesy jewelry that looks fake. You certainly don’t want to break the college funds just to afford a divine diamond necklace for one night either. Plus, who wants to spend money on something that will only be good for one night? You already did that for the prom dress, right? Opt for jewelry that is medium priced, flawlessly fake and fashionable.


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