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Biking Beauty Backpack in Rosy

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The last bell of the school day just rang, and you are so totally to get out of your school uniform. Maybe you’re a little luckier than that and aren’t required to wear a school uniform, but surely you want to get out of your class appropriate clothing and indulge in your style, with no restrictions. Oh, restrictions. Doesn’t it seem like there are so many? Your skirt can’t be more than a hand length above your knee. Your tshirts must have a sleeve and much go 3 inches past your waist. Your bra straps can’t show, nor can your ankles… ears….elbows or fingers. It seems like that, doesn’t it? The rules are so unfair at school when it comes to what you can and can’t wear. I bet you can’t wait to get out of that granny sweater that you’re forced to wear in your 90 degree portable, aren’t you? I know that I always am! Here are the best items to rock when it comes to after school fashion.


Bring a Guest Skirt

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Okay, so the rule for school usually is that your skirt can’t be higher than your knee, which is totally stupid because skirt lengths to your knees were totally the 16th century. Plus, just because it doesn’t reach our knees doesn’t mean it’s too scandalous. It’s so annoying, isn’t it? There are clearly skirts that are age-appropriate. Make sure it’s at least a hand length from your crotch. Don’t go shorter than that because than you’re indulging in a lot more than after school fashion.


California Twirl Bustier Top

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How adorable are tube tops? Apparently shoulders are too sexy for school. It sucks! However, when it comes to after school fashion, pull out those tube tops because they are so adorable! If it’s a little chilly, throw a cardigan over it.


Knee Jerk Reaction Heel

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High heels aren’t necessary not allowed at school, but they’re simply not appropriate. I mean, really. Why are you wearing 5 inch, knee high boots when you’re heading to your 6th period English class? It’s tacky. Instead, keep your heels for your after school fashion indulgence.


French Riviera Doors Hat Why do so many schools restrict hats from the classrooms? What is my fedora going to do? Fly across the room and attack someone, honestly. Once that last school bell rings, throw on your favourite fashion hat, whether it be a structured fedora or a big floppy one.

You seriously want to wear whatever it is that you desire when it comes to after school fashion because there are so many rules and restrictions that you are forced to follow throughout the majority of your days. Stick to these fashion items to explore your style and creativity when you’re not hitting the books. They are the most commonly cut fashion items that aren’t allowed inside the school doors. Oh, the days where teachers stand at the school entry way, making you remove your hat, while analyzing your clothing like you’re a criminal. You can never get away with it because schools are total fashion-killers, so instead, indulge thoroughly with your after school fashion.


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