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Happy Christmas Heart

The holidays are darn expensive. I mean, seriously. As if we weren’t already broke, but now we’re broken than broke. We’re like the Brokeback mountains. Okay… wait…. maybe not quite, but you get what I’m saying, right? Well, although I’m totally tempted to sit here and bitch about how broke we are and how the parents, again, totally need to up that amount of allowance, I will refrain… once again. I am pretty sure I complain way too much on this blog about how crappy my allowance is! Well, when our piggy banks are at the bare minimum, we need to resort to our style sources to satisfy our shopping addictions, and that source is the fabulous ways of  coupons. No. No. You don’t have to be, look or even feel like the crazy couponers that you see on TV. In fact, you don’t have to be seen at all, nor do you have to deal with flyers or the crazy lines because it’s all online. Oh, online shopping. How we all love it oh-so-much, right? This is just another reason to add to the list for our addiction! Here are the best coupons being offered online at some of the best shops that certainly every female can find something at.

Kmart Kraze

You don’t have to love Kmart to appreciate their coupons. Plus, since Kmart is a department store, you can find everything that you need. Yes, ladies. I said, “Need!” Some fashion items can be snuck into the necessities pile, and Kmart is a perfect place for all of those things. Kmart has a ton of percentages off kind of coupons, but a personal favourite is the $10 off coupon on an online order.

Exclusive Holiday Savings! EXTRA $10 off qualifying Kmart orders of $60 or more with code KMHOLIDAY

Although this amount may seem small, it can make an enormous difference, especially at a store where $10 goes a long way. There are other department stores with fabulous coupons, like Sears Canada with fabulous percentages off!

Saving With Shoes

Oh, can we ever have too many shoes? Nope. Nope. And nope. Never. It’s impossible, and that’s why the gift that I’m giving to you is essentially, more ways in which you can add to that fabulous shoe collection that you already have! Shoebuy is offering shoes up to 65% off while other places such as 6pm are offering anywhere from 5-10%. Hey! That’s 10% that you can put towards another pair of shoes. I’m not complaining!

Wonder Women

We are just that, wonder women, aren’t we? We can get even more wonderful with coupons! Woot Woot! I know, it’s fabulous! I honestly had no idea how I was going to narrow this one down because there are so many remarkable female fashion stores online that are currently offered some phenomenal coupons. So, I tried to narrow it down to some of my favourites that you absolutely must indulge in. You can snag coupons anywhere from 6% off at GoJane which offers a wide variety of affordable and astonishing style, as well as Cache, TJ Formal, BlueFly and StyleForLess are only naming a few! You can get 7% off at the Gap and SInger22, which again, offers fabulous variety in fashion. Or you can go big with coupons that offer 8% off at NastyGal for the ladies with a little more frisk, or 10% off at Axl’s Closet, Milanoo, BeachFashionShop and UDreamy.


15% Off On Women’s Clothing,Use Code: MLNOOWC , Coupon Code is not Valid for Promotional Items

10% Off On Women’s Shoes,Use Code: SHOES2012, Coupon Code is not Valid for Promotional Items.


Save $8 when order over $80


Just because your piggy bank has been emptied out from the holiday season doesn’t mean that you can give yourself some gifts. Hey! It’s the season of giving. No one said that you can’t give to yourself, and all the more reason when you can snag some fabulous deals with online coupons! Shop, shop, shop away maffiettes! Your closet is about to get fuller without the dent in your budget! Two amazing things that every girl can appreciate, right?


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