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Walking Day Trip Backpack

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When trying to find the best looks for school when it comes to fall fashion, you need to make sure to keep it straightforward, while thoroughly indulging in the fabulous trends that this season has to offer. Of course, you don’t want to walk into your mathematics class stumbling on 5 inch stilettos with a sequin LBD (little black dress). Although it’s fabulous fashion, it’d be one of the most awful looks for school. Dressing for the occasion is just as valuable as picking great fashion pieces, so here are the best pieces that you need to pull off an impressive fall outfit for school.


Fashionable Black White 100% Cotton Striped Ladies Cardigan

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It’s getting chilly out there, ladies and no one enjoys looking bulky and bulgy when it comes to looks for school. That has got to be the worst thing about the fall and winter, doesn’t it? However, you don’t have to layer on the turtle neck, with the large knitted sweater that Grandma knitted for you in 1995. A cardigan will do justice, without giving you all the extras. Cardigans are an absolute essential for all girls’ closets when it comes to fall fashion because they not only keep you warm, but they’re adorable and can be worn so many different ways. One cardigan can easily be transferred into 5 looks.


Prowling for Style Jeans

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What are jeggings, you ask? Jeggings are jeans, but like leggings. I always say that leggings are the classier, stylish version of track pants because they are so comfortable. Jeggings are the same, only they look exactly like a great pair of denim. They’re stretchy, and no one can tell except the comfortable one wearing them! Jeggings are perfect for fall, for obvious reasons, but for those cold days when you just walk to crawl up in a great pair of track pants all day…, but you have to head to school. Leave the track pants at home, and wear jeggings as comfortable fashion for school, while still getting that cozy warmth and fabulous look.


Crinkle in Time Scarf in Glow

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Never underestimate the power of an adorable hat, mitts and scarf. Yes, they are super trendy and can totally be incorporated into creating astonishing fashion for school. Shop around and try to get a set that all match. Maybe an animal themed, or zebra print, or even faux fur. Ooh, faux fur is so totally in right now. Take the mittens off when you get inside, and rock the hat and scarf fabulously while taking notes in class.


Chocolate Run Boot in Black
There’s nothing worse than looking perfect from head to…. ew, what is on your feet? We’ve all had those moments, haven’t we? Equestrian styled boots are trendy and haute right now, and will keep you warm throughout those brisk, fall days. These boots often have a thick, wide inch heel which gives you a little extra boost, while not making you look like you just came out of a downtown all ages dance.

Fall fashion is fabulous, and it’s essential that you always choose items that are appropriate for looks for school, but are also super chic and stylish. These four fashion pieces are totally must-have items for this fall season!


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