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Jewelry trends are made from the red-carpet, fashion shows, and normal everyday life. The latest trend that emerges from these three venues this year shows a distinct shift away from the preferred gemstones. Diamond has been overtaken by sapphire and emeralds. The traditional has given way to bold cuts and bright colors in jewelry. Given below are four of the top trends in jewelry this season.

1.  Gemstones that are popular

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire Blue Gem Paved Hollow Hearts Stud Earringsjewelry trends

    jewelry trends

Sapphire is the current favorite of women. Sapphire can be seen everywhere from engagement rings, earrings, studs and necklaces. They are bright, colourful and elegant looking. You can carry them off with party-wear as well as traditional outfits.

Handcrafted Sapphire Blue Austrian Crystal Inspire Necklace MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

The first reason for sapphire becoming so popular is that, it looks as expensive as diamond, maybe even more, but in reality is way cheaper. They also have a variety of colours, blue, pink and yellow. You can find some beautiful sapphire rings here.

  • Emerald

    14K White Gold Emerald Green Cubic Zirconia Flower Earringsjewelry trends

Emerald has slowly risen in popularity. The main reason for emerald becoming one of the preferred choices when it comes to gemstones is that it is affordable. Even middle-class people can flaunt this gorgeous stone. You can easily buy it without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. The stone has beautiful green shade and looks gorgeous when paired with crystals and diamonds. This accounts for its popularity when it comes to engagement rings.

  • Diamond

    White Ice Sterling Silver Genuine Diamond Twisted Earringsjewelry trends

Diamonds are slowly going out of trend. However, if you still like vintage jewelry, then you can stick to diamonds. Incorporate new halo or floral patterns into your vintage design and see how beautiful it looks. You can make the diamond jewelry look better if you use small pieces of sapphire or emerald along with it. The bright colours will add a touch of elegance to your diamond jewelry.

2.  Subtle Drop Earring

Silver Tone Gem Drop Diamond Outline Dangle Earringsjewelry trends

This trend is picking up at the red carpet. The shape goes well with every kind of silhouette and this account for its popularity. You can wear this kind of earring with long flowing gowns, short dresses and even office-wear.

 3. Cabochons

Flirty Cabochon Glass Confetti Ringjewelry trends

14K Yellow Gold Genuine Turquoise Cabochon Earringsjewelry trends

Cabochons are back in fashion and they are here to stay. These cuts help you enjoy colorful gemstones. These contain a little too much facets and this makes them inexpensive and affordable. You can wear cabochon jewelry with denim, loose fitted pants and suits. They look stylish and nobody would guess how cheap they are in reality.

4. Hair Ornaments

Ponytail Holder Barrette Clips - 3 Packjewelry trends

Hair ornaments are very much in focus on the runway this season. These pieces of accessories are not just limited to dry flowers and printed hairclips and bands. You can invest in hair bands and clips made from gemstones and precious metals also. You can brighten up your hairdo with a small diamond studded hair clip and pin. A small comb with sapphire stones will add a glamorous touch.

When buying jewelry, stick to trends that suit your style and budget. Invest in cuts and designs that are classic and will always remain in fashion.


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