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MakeUp Kit Set Pen Cosmetic Brush Eyeshadow Eyelash Eyeliner Lipstick Tool

Make Up Kit Set Pen Cosmetic Brush Eyeshadow Eyelash Eyeliner Lipstick Tool

If you’re on holiday, or traveling to visit your folks, or you’ve got some time off and you’re going somewhere warm, there are certain things that women must carry along with them at all times. No need to fret ladies! These are all cheap Face Makeup accessories and come for less than you’d expect

• Burt’s Bees Mini Lip Gloss Set

For lovers of lip gloss, or Burt’s or people who like good looking lips, this four piece set of mini lip glosses is the ideal companion for your lips while you are on your travels. There are four shades present in this Best Lip Gloss and they are: 1. Nectar Nude 2. Pucker Berry 3. Sweet Pink 4. Zesty Pink This means you can change your look as your mood changes as you travel and you can change it again once you arrive where you’re supposed to.

23 Colors Eye Shadow And Lip Gloss Set

23 Colors Eye Shadow And Lip Gloss Set

• Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water

This is a travel must have for those who frequently use airlines or for those who are going to cold places. The loss of water in a flight or under cold environments can cause the face to become dehydrated and to shrivel. This helps in keeping the water content balanced and keeps you looking fresh.

You can visit  http://www.coolblades.co.uk/ for such supplies. They are hairdressing suppliers but they also feature other beauty related products.

• The Scent Genie

Traveling with your preferred perfume can inexplicably become a burden. In 2014, try the Scent Genie. It’s a small and refillable spray bottle which works as an atomizer. It can hold only around 4.1 ml so it’s very easy to travel with. It cuts through endless baggage clutter and makes travelling simple. Oh, and you smell pretty good in the process.

• BareMinerals Big Bright & Brilliant Mini Eyeliner Collection

Besides mascara, you should always carry these little offerings from BareMinerals with you. This little set comes with three wonderful mini eyeliners in three different and new shades. They include: 1. Black Diamond 2. Midnight Moon 3. Black Gold If you haven’t used this before, then you must use it and you will fall in love with it for sure.

• KohGenDo Makeup Trial Set

KohGenDo makes some of the coolest makeup in the market. However, carrying all of your foundation, conceal and powder makes for a real hassle while travelling. A good solution is to take the KohGenDo Makeup Trial Set which gives you bits of everything and saves on extra baggage. Win Win!

7Pcs Makeup Brush Sets Goat Hair with Gorgeous Dark Blue Leather Bag

7Pcs Makeup Brush Sets Goat Hair with Gorgeous Dark Blue Leather Bag

• Origins Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief

This gel is an absolute essential and one that everybody should carry around with then wherever they go. If you are ever beset by headaches during your travels and visitations, then this can sort it out. It is a good way to combat aches, fatigue and the feeling of being completely drained and spent after travelling. It is a bottled vacation, far away from the feelings of nausea and wallowing in self pity.

• Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Must Haves

No girl should travel without mascara and Anastasia Beverly Hills has the perfect mini set that can suit you on your travels. It comes with a miniature version of their brilliant Lash Lifting Mascara and there is a mini clear brow gel given as well. You save plenty of money buying it and there will be no qualms if you lose it other than the feeling of loss from losing something which can do so much. These products are available readily online or at any departmental store with a makeup section. You can go to CoolBlades who’re primarily hairdresser suppliers, but they have some useful stuff there as well.

Double Extend Mascara Gel & Fiber Black Mascara Eyelash for great makeup

Double Extend Mascara Gel & Fiber Black Mascara Eyelash

Bio: Victoria H is a senior Fashion Buyer for some of the UK’s largest brands and works for Cool Blades who offer affordable hairdressing and beauty salon supplies. Victoria travels frequently on account of her job and she has had enough experiences to know what to take along and what to leave behind. Contact her for solutions to your makeup related problems.


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