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Prom Dress of the Week : Strapless Long Sequin Pleated Gown Style

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The prom dress of the week is from David’s Bridals Prom Dresses 2013 , and do you know what that means? Well, you obviously know that it’s going to be an amazing style because the collections from this brand are always fabulously astonishing. Now, black isn’t always the first colour you may think of when going to pick out a prom dress for your next formal event, but you should totally not skip over this style because although black is often associated with a simple appearance, this David Bridal  prom dress of the week is so elegantly fabulous, and not to mention, it’s far from being simple.

The detailings truly turn this black long Prom Dress into a chic piece that can be worn casually with a simple cardigan. The ruffles and sequins combined near the bust really allow the prom dress of the week to pop, and then the way the gown falls and ruffles right to the ground offers a flow to the Prom Long Gowns that is fit for the most glamorous of people. Although there is an assumption attached to strapless dresses, do not be fooled. As long as you have a proper bra and a high quality and designed dress, you will not have to worry about falling out and down. Make sure the fit is perfect as well to ensure that it’s tight enough to contain your curves.

As mentioned, you can certainly dress down this prom dress of the week once your formal event is over. All you really need is a cardigan to accentuate a more casual appearance, and some flats to throw away the formality, and you know what that means, ladies. That means that this prom dress of the week doesn’t have to sit in your closet collecting dust until your next big event.


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