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Only a few more week or even days until school starts again!  If you’ve already taken a US or World History course, you’ve probably learned that history is cyclical. It happens once, then it happens again and again. The same is true with fashion. Trends from one decade are out the next, only to be back in style a few years later. As the resurgence of the 80s craze dies down, the fun and fabulous 60s are upon us once again.  In fact, stores like Peacocks have recently launched entire vintage-inspired collections featuring 60s fashion.

From peacocks.co.uk

Frill Me  Thrill Me Dress

Books You've 'Red' Dress

A Bird of Advice Dress

Two Happy Hearts Dress

Bright Here Bright Now Dress

Besides the bright colors and interesting shapes, one of the best things about 60s fashion is the fact that it is more appropriate for class and less likely to break your school’s dress code.  Thick straps and high necklines will cover up any naughty bra straps, long shirts will hide your stomach, and low hemlines will be more likely to pass the fingertip test.  I know, it can be a pain dressing around your school’s dress code, but these 60s fashions make it fun!




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