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Lace of Your Own Dress in Black

If there is one fashion item that every girl needs within their wardrobe, it’s a black lace dress. Now, you often hear of the benefits of an LBD (little black dress), but that seems old and outdated, right? Plus wouldn’t the definition of a LBD be different for different age groups? I mean, certainly a little black dress for my mom would not be the same for my myself, nor would my grandma’s LBD be ideal for me. Could you imagine? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to either. So, I have taken it upon myself to revolutionize the LBD for us teenage girls and call it the LBLD. What’s the extra “L” in there, you ask? Lace. Little black lace dress. Yup! That’s the essential fashion item that every teenage girl needs!

Va Va Voom Versatility

So Noir, So Good Dress

Having an LBD, or for us ladies, an LBLD is essential because this style of dress is totally versatile. You can rock a little black lace dress to school with a great pair of tights and blazer, or to church by pairing it with a cardigan and flats. You can rock your little black lace dress on a hot date with the football quarterback with a great pair of pumps, while hanging out at home scooping out the Lace Dress Blog or to a girl’s shopping spree with a cute jacket and some bedazzled flats. No matter what your calendar holds, your little black dress can undoubtedly be the perfect attire for that event!


Texture the One Dress

There is one thing that is just as valuable as versatility when it comes to essential fashion is subtle trends. Confused? There’s nothing worse than having a favourite fashion item, and then the new year comes and that glam dress of yours is so totally yesterday. With a little black lace dress, you aren’t getting anything to eccentric and specific to a season trend, so you can not only wear it to all events coming up, but you can wear it to all kinds of events, year after year. It’s pretty remarkable, right?


Dreams of You Dress in Black

Another reason why having a little black lace dress is needed in your wardrobe, aside from versatility, and subtle trends is how darn cute it is. I mean, can you honestly ever get an ugly black lace dress? Well, maybe in the old lady section of your local department store, but certainly not at any teen-friendly fashion boutique. Indulge and you’ll be looking cute, classy and chic with the simplicity of such a darling piece of fashion.
Outright Amity Dress
Black lace dresses are hot, haute and always a total hit. One day it can be a trendsetter, and the next it can be trendy. The only thing you’ll never have to worry about is your little black lace dress no longer being the it-item, because these dresses are always the absolute necessity within all females wardrobes, just like the LBD. But ladies, we’re scratching the term “LBD”, right? That’s what our moms and grandma’s wear. Instead, we’re preaching the necessity of having a little black lace dress that will change your fashionable and stylish world!


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