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Bow Dress in Black: Your Prom dress

Bow Dress in Black – designed by Donna Mizani

For the majority of us, prom is over. Booo! It’s not all sad news though because I guarantee you had a fabulous time in an even more stunning prom dress. The night was filled with glamor and fun, great friends and even better music, and that’s not even mentioning the dance moves that some people dared to bust out on the floor. The best part of prom is surely the moment you step out of your limo, and place your stunning heel on the carpet that leads you into the party. It’s a moment that makes you feel like a celebrity isn’t it? Well, obviously you looked like a superstar so you might as well have felt like one. It’s now after prom though, so what in the world do you do? What are you going to do with your prom dress, who are you going to ditch and how are you going to stay in touch with your girls as you all head onto separate paths and journeys. Well, there’s no need to get down on yourself because I obviously have your post prom problems taken care of with the post prom tips and advice below.

Post Prom Problems of the Prom Dress

Bow Dress in Black: Your prom dress

Bow Dress in Black as seen on Lindsay Lohan – designed by Donna Mizani

You’re probably wondering what to do with your prom dress now that its post prom, aren’t you? It’s way too beautiful to have it sitting in the closet, and it’s obviously too formal for everyday wear, but there are some options that will definitely take care of your after prom needs. First and foremost, if you have events coming up such as a wedding or a fancy family dinner, wear it again. If your prom dress isn’t specific to this year’s trends, you can also keep it to wear it to your next graduation. However, if those don’t pertain to you and you still want to do something with your prom dress, have you thought about the options of trading it into a store for some credit, or selling it to let someone else enjoy the magic that comes from it? If you didn’t dish out too many dollars on your prom dress, crafting it into a more casual piece is always a favourite. However, you’re going to want to make sure that you know what you’re doing because damaging it will definitely be depressing.

Stay In Touch Post Prom Problems

Roxie Dress in Cloud Dancer: Your prom dress

Roxie Dress in Cloud Dancer – designed by Patterson J Kincaid

As fabulous as prom is, it also has a very sad part to it because you know that you and your friends with whom you’ve spent almost every day with for the past several years are all about to take on separate journeys. Although you may not see each other every day, you can certainly remain the amazing friendship that you have, and it’s easier than ever. With the technology of today, you can talk to all of your friends and even see them on a daily basis, no matter where in the world they are. That’s not to mention that video chats are often free, so you don’t need to spend your college budget on staying in touch. The biggest tip I can give you is to arrange a special day when everyone is home (Christmas break is always a good one) and get all the girls together for a Christmas party, just like old times! You could also pull out that prom dress to make another debut!

Ditch the Drama Probs

Asymmetric Cowl Neck Dress : Your post prom probs

Asymmetric Cowl Neck Dress as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker – designed by Halston Heritage

There is one thing that you probably have been waiting to get rid of, and it’s the drama that comes along with the teenage years. You’re out of school, you’ve graduated, and it’s time you say goodbye to the bad and the drama that often comes along with such people. Believe it or not, but it’s not difficult at all because you no longer have to see everyone every day, so you can focus on the people who you truly care about, and stop worrying about the gossip and prom stories. Graduation isn’t just about accomplishing school. It’s about entering a new chapter in your life, so you might as well do so without the drama, right?


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