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Prom Dress of the Week : Prom gown

Silver Evening Dress by Flirt P1439

From the latest prom dresses available in the Prom Dress Catalog, today’s Prom Dress of the Week  is all about wrapping yourself up into a gift that will be adored by everyone you walk past.

There is something about this prom gown that truly makes me think of Christmas morning when you’re eagerly waiting to open that tiny square shaped box that could possibly be holding a stunning piece of jewelry within it. The silver tone and the wrapping material definitely make this appearance successful, and instead of wearing a shiny piece of jewelry, you could be the stunning piece of jewelry simply by wearing this evening gown. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

The sheer, silver material of this prom dress is definitely a flattering fit for everyone as it does not cling to the body. Rather, it falls elegantly to hide any imperfections you may not be stoked about. You’ll also see that it is still very much so fitted to the body, so it hides the bad curves while accentuating the good ones. Does it get any better than that? Well, of course it does. The material of this long prom dress then wraps around the upper portion of the dress that adds minimal details to achieve a truly elegant appearance that isn’t gaudy in any way, shape or form.

Then, the addition of sparkling sequins is when achieves the formal, glamorous appearance that every lady desires from their evening gowns, but again, the prom gown deters looking gaudy. Another thing that can definitely be appreciated from this prom gown is that the sequins are portioned lightly so you can still enjoy your fabulous jewelry pieces without going overboard with it.

You’re pretty much the biggest and best present ever.


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