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Prom dress of the week : One shoulder lace&drape bodice feather dress

One shoulder lace&drape bodice feather dress

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If you’re wanting to rock a prom dress that blows everyone else out of the water, this is totally the prom dress for you. There are so many reasons as to why this prom gown will have you standing out from all the other fabulously dressed ladies. Certainly it would be pretty close to impossible to try to explain all the stunning details of this prom dress with feathers, but some things that you will totally be able to appreciate are the length, or lack of rather, and the lack of sparkle. While every other girl will be rocking either a long prom dress or  short prom dress full of sparkles, or even a combination of the two, you’ll be looking just as stunning if not even more stunning, while rocking attributes to a dress that can’t be seen across the dance floor. Although sparkle and shine are impressive, this style of prom dress with feathers totally proves that it’s not mandatory to looking exquisite at prom night. The lace detailing totally takes care of that and adds a rather edgy appearance to a totally elegant style.

Now, let’s talk about that amazing accent of layered feathers. Hello, fashionista! Not only will you look absolutely stunning in this prom dress with feather bottom, but the feathers will allow you to move freely. This ultimately allows you to bust a move all night without having any tugging, rubbing, pulling or anything to hold you back. Plus, feathers are so haute right now. They add a truly elegant appearance to any style you’re desiring.

As mentioned, this prom dress definitely won’t explain how it will set you apart until you slip into it, so go try this bad boy on or check out the fitting details. Your heart will totally be swept away with this short prom dress with feathers, without a doubt.


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