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I’ve got the latest scoop on the absolutely stunning gowns on Missesdressy! If you’re new, let me fill you in. I have this secret talent of finding the most stunning prom dress for the best of prices, no matter what your budget is, and no matter what your preference is for that matter. Whether you’re dealing with a sky high budget (Lucky you!) or an allowance saving, I can find you the unquestionably most frugal option for your preference. I’m like the secret savings seeker. So without further ado, let me welcome you to my latest exploration on the missesdressy.com for prom dresses. Count your pennies, or ask Daddy for some more money because you’re about to find the one prom dress that you’ve been dreaming about since you were a wee little one.

Counting Your Pennies ($100 and Under)

Prom dress

Long Pleated Wedding Gown by Colors Dress

Don’t be too taken back by the name, “Wedding Gown” because there are a variety of colors that you can choose from for this specific style. That’s also not to mention that it’s only one of the many that you can choose from the $100 category. It’s truly stunning though, isn’t it? The purely simple look is totally chic, and you can never go wrong with this slimming number. The fit drapes down your body creating a form fitting gown, without the frumping, pulling and tugging that other styles may cause you to have. That’s also not to mention that it avoids the “clinginess” that can accentuate the curves you’re not wanting to work with for prom.

Allowance Savings ($200 and Under)

Prom dress

Flounced Cocktail Dress by Josh and Jazz

This short prom dress has a lot of things that can be said about it because it truly has all the accents that a girl could ever want from their prom gown, and this is only one example of the tons of styles that you can snag with a budget of $200 or less. The first thing to notice is that sparkle across the bust. Every girl needs a little sparkle and shine, right? It adds that elegant formality with a sprinkle of glam while accentuating your bossoms. The poof and frill is utterly feminine, and the bow that combines the tight bustier style top with the fluffy bottom is perfectly on point with the trends. This is totally a girly dress that would fit your inner princess.

Daddy’s Little Girl ($200 and Over)

Prom dress

Strapless Silk Chiffon Gown by Nina Canacci

Oh, you lucky girl, you. This strapless prom dress is certainly fit for a princess. You’ll look like you’ve walked right off of your pumpkin carriage in this gown. It has that stunning hue of pink that every girl adores, and the added accent of sparkles is certainly one that shouldn’t be ignored for prom. The layering is perfectly astonishing and will work wonders for any body shape while ensuring that you’re not looking distasteful. Plus, that’s not to mention that the flow of this gown would blow everyone out of the water!

See! Certainly you’ve seen how magical my talent is. It truly doesn’t matter how much money you have available to you for this majestical night of your life. It just matters whether or not you have a special someone to search for the savings you desire while never settling. Remember ladies, if you like the “Allowance Savings” example but are working with the counted pennies, you can totally find a dress with that style under that category at Missesdressy.com. Of course, working with a lower budget can take some extra time to find the ideal prom dress of your choice but it certainly is worth it. On the contrary, if you have an endless budget to work with during your shopping trips, you now have the challenge of narrowing it down to one prom dress…good luck, and look fabulous!..never sacrifice your style, regardless of your budget.


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