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Trends are always flying in and out of season, and it can seem near impossible to try to keep up with the latest and hottest of teen fashion.  However, that would only be true if you didn’t have me to tell you about all the hautest teenage fashion currently lining the shelves of your favorite stores, right? Not only am I going to fill your mind with the trends of teenage dresses today, but I’m also going to fill your nogging with the fashions that you can expect in the future. So in other words, you can rest easily knowing that your teen dresses and fashion will follow en suit now, and forever. You lucky girl, you!

Teenage Dresses

Gold Hawk – Sheer Edge Wedge Dress in Lipstick Coral

Be Sheerly Appropriate

Certainly your parentals may not be fond of you wearing a cutout Junior dresses with nothing but sheer to cover those places that are lacking in the material. It’s sheerly not appropriate. However, that doesn’t mean that you should cut yourself off from this haute fashion trend all together. After all, it is a trend for teenage fashion. Adults rocking sheer? Ew. No way.  All you have to do to keep your fashion on point in respects to the teen trends and your age is to find dresses that implement the sheer trend in a tasteful matter. For example, sheer that has an underlining that takes the “see through” out of the sheer is certainly a vital element to satisfying this trend. Indulge in sheer elements, and not fully sheer to ensure you’re sheerly appropriate. That’s a lot of sheer for one conversation.

Teenage dresses

Bias Tape Detail Bustier Dress

Badass Bustier

Don’t go and tell your parents that the latest teenage fashion trend is bustiers. They will immediately write off that idea, associating it with the old time naughty wear. However, bustier fashion certainly doesn’t have to be as risky as one may think. In fact, this trend has more so of a corset vibe as opposed to being a corset completely. Your parents may argue that idea, but seriously, let’s be honest here, who knows teenage fashion better than you ? Obviously not your parents. Some of the badass dresses you can indulge in that implement the bustier trend is actually fairly straightforward and easy to come across. All it truly takes is a fitted top part of the dress, or as mentioned, a resemblance to a bustier. Easy peasy and totally trendy.

Teenage dresses

Type Z Sidney Lace Dress

Neatly Neon

This teenage fashion trend is specific to the summer season. However, that could also play a massive factor in why the neons of this world are popping up in all colours of the rainbow within dresses around the globe. Summer is neon. Let’s get serious. Who wants to honestly rock a dark dreary color when the sunshine is shining ever so brightly? Not me, and not you. Neon, Neon, Neon! If you’re feeling a little self conscious about rocking something so eccentric, you can always opt for teen dresses that have neon accents instead. This could even be a neon design on the dress, or neon stripes. Who knows! Let your shopping neon trends take to from one side of the rainbow to the other. Just don’t skip out on this idea. It’s a fun fashion trend that will have your fresh youth feeling ever-so-fabulous. As for the future of teenage dresses, it’s safe to say that everything is going to have somewhat of a futuristic feel to it. Think alien inspired fashions, without the tackiness of aliens, of course. My prediction for future teenage fashion envisions something with eccentric cuts, wild designs and something that you could only see out of a space ship window.  Although, I think they will be somewhat of the same styles as mentioned; such as neons, sheer fabrics and fitting forms. What do you think the future dress trends for teen dresses will be?


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