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If there is one fashion item that comes in a variety of options, it’s certainly gowns, and whether you’re shopping for your sweet 16 or your prom, the colours and prices can feel downright overwhelming… Especially when the money you’re spending isn’t yours, which likely is the case. Don’t make me go off on my “We need higher allowances” rant. I’ve spent a lot of time breaking down gowns, from cocktail styles, to neon frills, vintage finds and luxurious indulgences. However, I noticed that there is one specific style of dress that I haven’t placed a lot of focus on, and that’s white prom dresses. Now, don’t ask me why. I honestly have no idea. Maybe it’s because I feel like a lot of people look the other way when it comes to white prom dresses due to the fear of looking like a bride, and I say fear because we’re teenagers. Hello. Growing up is scary. However, the thought of this style of dress should be anything but. You can look cute and fresh, angelic or divine, or even better… A combination of all of those things. With different price points in mind, you’ll certainly be able to see the way fabulous white prom dresses can be the ultimate companion for the night, and not a total flash of the future.

$50 and Fresh

White One-Shoulder Cotton Flax Womens Mini Dress

Finding a fabulous gown under $50 is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You just have to know where, and what to look for. Since the price point that you’re working with is fairly low, you shouldn’t expect to find a gown that is silk and bedazzled in diamonds for $50. If you do… Get it right away because it’s a total steal. Chances are though, it simply won’t happen. You will be finding gowns that are made of materials that aren’t so rare and highly sought after, hence why the price will be within your budget. Now, $50 dresses doesn’t mean that you have to go with cheap materials. Of course, if that prom style looks like track pants material, you may not find that to be the ultimate choice for your big night. However, with the perfect accents, that exact material can look fresh, flirty and feminine for prom if done correctly. If you’re looking for a great deal for under $50, just remember to pay attention to detail. It will make all the difference to ensure that you look fly.

Heavenly and $100
Rachel Pally - Mave Dress (White) - Apparel

Modern White Chiffon Beading One Shoulder Prom Dresswhite prom dresses

This is a more common price point for prom dresses, regardless of the style or colour that you’re looking for, and it’s a terrific place within your budget to start scanning the racks. You can indulge in some fabulous finds that don’t break the bank while being able to enjoy the heavenly feel of higher end fabrics. Cute cuts and styles are certainly something that you will find within this price range, as well as a wide variety of selection since this is a fairly common number on the price tags of dresses that you’ll be exclaiming, “I have to have this!” to.

Divine in Dollars

Laundry by Shelli Segal - Strapless Gown (Warm White) - Apparelwhite prom dresses

Alyce Prom Dress 6704white prom dresses
Now, if you’re working with a budget over $100, lucky you. You get to treat yourself to divine dresses that certainly come with their own set of details and qualities. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to feel some of the softest and sweetest of fabrics that will have you shaking your booty on the dance floor with your closest friends. Similar to the prior price point, you’ll have a wide variety of options to look over, and you definitely won’t be panicking at the last minute with no dress to wear…. Unless you’re having a hard time picking which one of the dresses are your favourite, of course.

Avoid looking like a bride to be with these white prom dresses. Instead, look young, fresh, heavenly and totally divine. No matter your price point, there’s a style waiting for you that will have you walking on cloud nine.


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