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Designer prom dresses are totally the bombdity, and you may be gasping at the thought of purchasing a “designer” item, but honestly, the majority of prom dresses that you’re currently looking at are probably designer. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even think twice about the dream of having a designer prom dress because they immediately think that designer means dollars! Now, don’t cut yourself short, ladies, especially for prom night! You can totally shop designer prom dresses that are within your budget. Heck! You can find some that are even under your budget. Don’t believe me? Well, luckily for you, I am uber stubborn and have taken it upon myself to prove to you that you can totally enjoy designer prom dresses, regardless of your budget.

Be a Queen With Alyce

Alyce BDazzle by Alyce Designs Dressdesigner prom dresses

Now, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with these designer prom dresses because although they’re totally stunning, you can’t immediately find the price, or purchase it. Yeah. A total, “Womp, Womp, Womp!” moment, right? I thought so too! Now, I do suggest shopping these selections because they offer something totally different from what you can find from other designers… However, you may totally hate me once you find out what the price is. Like I said, it doesn’t tell you.

Alyce Prom Dressdesigner prom dresses

Alyce Prom Dressdesigner prom dresses

The thing with this online store is that you find a gown that you adore, then it tells you the stores that you can shop it at. Hey! It’s perfect for getting an idea as to what look you want to rock, at the very least, right?

Be Best Dressed With Jovani

Jovani Prom Dressdesigner prom dresses

I absolutely adore these designers on this site as well, but again with the prices and not having the option to shop immediately! On the bright side though, Jovani has some absolutely stunning and exquisite dresses that honestly will have you leaving everyone starstruck, and the shopping experience is rather simple. Everything is categorized perfectly, and the pictures give a perfect look and appeal of the prom dresses so you can truly see if it’s a fit for you, prior to finding out which store you can go to purchase it.

Jovani Prom Dressdesigner prom dresses

Jovani Prom Dressdesigner prom dresses

Be A Celebrity With RissyRoos



RissyRoos prom dress



This website gives you everything that you could ever want from a designer, and more! You have the option to shop for dresses that were spotted on celebrities as they strutted down the red carpet, as well as a variety of some of the best brands around. It’s not an online boutique that only offers their own designs. This website has every brand, look, and price that you could think of, so needless to say, you certainly won’t leave RissyRoos without a shopping cart full of items.

Be A Princess With Cinderellas Gowns

designer prom dresses


I had you at Cinderella, didn’t I? This is the best site for shopping designer prom dresses because you want to have a stunning gown like Cinderella on her big night, right? Of course,  you do! You are the beauty of the ball and should totally look the part! The prices are definitely higher on this selection of designer prom dresses, but even then, they aren’t totally irrational. I would say that these gowns are in between a reasonable price for a fabulous style, and totally unreasonable. The price is above budget, but won’t leave you starving.

Be A Runway Model With Vogue Prom Dresses

designer prom dresses


I first came across these designer prom dresses from the name. And yes, I did judge a book by its cover, but this time it proved to be everything that I expected and more. Can you ever go wrong with something that has the word, “Vogue” in it? It’s unlikely. What I adore about Vogue Prom Dresses, and that you’ll totally love too, is the variety of price points, and the discounts. Who doesn’t love a good sale? Plus, the discounts aren’t on last year’s items. They are for the current styles that are stealing the runways worldwide!


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